Tunes and dances collection

It’s time to roll out your dance and music compositions and present them to the world. With the advent of our new website, we are putting together a Tune and Dance Composers’ Page to highlight the creative talents of the CDS Boston Centre dance and music composers. These can be things that are out in the world already or new compositions that are looking for a place to try them out.

Please submit your music and/or dance compositions to compositions [at] cds-boston [dot] org

Dances will be reviewed by our Dance Editor, Rich Jackson. Submit your dances on the blank dance form. If there is a specific tune you would like to associate with the dance, submit the music as well. Rich will review the dance to see if it is workable and will work with you to fine tune if needed. We will have occasional dance tryout dates and will invite dance authors to them to try the dances and get feedback. (We will NOT make any edits to submitted dances, we will only discuss possible problems/improvements in a dance).

For tune submittal, we ask for printed music as opposed to hand-written pages. Our Music Editors, Jean Monroe and Ishmael Stefanov, will review the music and may make a few suggestions.

Keep an eye on the website to see the talent that is present in our Society.