CDS Boston Centre is fortunate to have several scholarship funds available for those needing help to attend Pinewoods summer camp sessions:

NGI Scholarship Program
BIPOC 2022 Pilot Scholarships
Dorothy R. Bolles Memorial Fund
Nancy Cruise Pinewoods Scholarship Fund

NGI scholarship information
The Country Dance Society — Boston Centre / Pinewoods New Generation Initiative Scholarship Program provides full scholarships for selected youth (up to age 30) to attend one of the CDS-BC summer dance programs at Pinewoods Camp. Selection is based on multiple criteria including interest, financial need and leadership potential.

Please contact the camp co-chairs to find out when the NGI applications need to be submitted by.

NGI Application (google form)
NGI Sponsor Form (google form)
CDS-BC NGI Scholarship Policy (pdf file)

Pinewoods Camp website – NGI scholarship information
Pinewoods Camp website – previous years recipients

BIPOC 2022 Pilot Scholarships
Please visit the Pinewoods Camp website for all the information and application forms.

Dorothy R. Bolles Memorial Fund
The Bolles Memorial Fund was started in 1935 and endowed in 1942. “The sum of money given in memory of Dorothy R. Bolles in her memory shall be known as the Bolles Memorial Fund. The income of the Fund is to be used for the payment, in whole or in part, of the expenses of one or more persons at a Summer School of Folk Dancing conducted by the Country Dance Society, Inc.”

Partial or full scholarships can be awarded on the basis of need or merit for attendance at CDS-BC sponsored Pinewoods Camp sessions.

Nancy Cruise Pinewoods Scholarship Fund
The Pinewoods Scholarship Fund was established in 1955 with member donations in order to help others afford attendance at Pinewoods Camp sessions. The fund was renamed in honor of Nancy Cruise in 1992 after she left a generous donation to the fund in her will.

Scholarship donations fund partial or full scholarships awarded on the basis of need. Scholarships can be used for CDS-BC sponsored camp sessions or for other related sessions such as English Week.

CDSBC Bolles/Cruise Scholarship Application (google form)
CDSBC Bolles/Cruise Sponsor Form (google form)