CDS Boston Centre has endowed funds from which grants can be awarded. Money is available to qualified groups and people for a number of purposes involving the promotion of English, Contra, and Morris and Sword dance and dance music.

Louise Chapin Fund
“The Fund has been established to honor the late Louise B. Chapin and to recognize her efforts on behalf of the Boston Centre. The Fund shall exist to promote and foster the goals of the Boston Centre for which Louise Chapin worked so hard. These include the promotion and fostering of Dancing and Dance Music for English Country, Morris and Sword, and New-England Contras and Squares.”

CDSBC Chapin Grant Application

Example of previous grant awards include:

George Fogg Lifetime Achievement Event (2012)
Maple Morris – Supporting Morris Dance Collaborative Project (2013)
Putting on the Dance Conference (2015)
Pocketflyers trip to Dancing England Rapper Tournament (2015)