Hudson Barn II

CDS-BC also has republished the old favourite Hudson Barn and Other Dances from the Boston Centre in the form of Hudson Barn II. This book contains many favourite modern dances of the Boston Centre which were written by Boston Centre members. Helene Cornelius is the editor, and the book includes dance instructions and written music. All of the dances from the original edition are reprinted, and several new dances have been added as well. This book is available at CDS-BC events and from the Country Song and Dance Society.

Dance Choreographer
Arthur's Night In Claudio Buchwald
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There! Shag Graetz
* Evergreen Orly Krasner
Farewell to Plymouth Earl Gaddis
Helene's Night Out Claudio Buchwald
Hudson Barn Jacqueline Schwab and Charles Hammond
* Lilypad Island Leslie Lassetter
* The Log Cabin Robin Rogers-Browne
Longfellow Wink Claudio Buchwald
* Look Both Ways Rich Jackson
* Mr. John Bremer's Return to Pinewoods Shag Graetz
* O, Susato Victor Skowronski
Oil the Locks Claudio Buchwald
The Phil-Harmonic Shag Graetz
* Plant Anxiety Laura Stern
T&D, or the Jeweller's Delight Claudio Buchwald
What Shall We Do With the Baby-O? Claudio Buchwald
* New in this edition

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