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2019 Playford Ball - photo by Nikki Herbst
2019 Playford Ball – photo by Nikki Herbst

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Newsletter Submissions:

Submit your story or photo to the Newsletter which is mailed to all current members quarterly.

The newsletter welcomes submissions of photos and articles on dance related topics. No item is too small! By submitting photos or articles the editor is granted the right to their use in current and future publications of CDS Boston Centre. Photos should be submitted in moderately high resolution in order to reproduce well in print. 300 dpi and a size no smaller than 400 x 600 pixels is recommended.

The cycle for submissions is: Fourth Friday of January — early February publication
Fourth Friday of April — early May publication
Fourth Friday of July — early August publication
Fourth Friday of October — early November publication

Please submit materials to editor at cds-boston dot org