Life Memberships

Lily (Roberts) Conant (1917)

From our History page:
In 1915 Lily Roberts, one of Sharp’s Stratford-on-Avon teachers, came to help Sharp with the masque interludes he was arranging, to teach dancing at the Eliot, Maine summer school, and to direct folk dancing for a pageant at Wellesley College. Lily Roberts “came under Mrs. Storrow’s wing.” She and Mrs. Storrow changed the School of Dance into a place for teaching English country, Morris, and sword dancing; this School of Dance was, in a way, “recycled” into the Boston Centre in the spring of 1915.
Lily Roberts was hired to be the first paid director/head teacher of the Boston Centre. With her marriage in 1917 to Richard (Dick) Conant and the demands of raising a family, Lily Conant no longer served as head teacher, though she remained very involved with the Boston Centre. – CDSS obituary from 1974, pp10-15 – Pinewoods bio

Helen (Osborne) Storrow (1929)

CDS Boston Centre president, 1922-24

Helen Storrow (photo) – Wikipedia page – CDSS biography – Pinewoods bio

Arthur & Helene Cornelius (1985)

From our History page:
Helene Cornelius started English dancing in 1951. She had been square dancing with Ralph Page before that, and as part of his evening dances, Ralph Page often taught a few international dances. Liking that international exposure, Helene started dancing other nights, including doing some Scottish. One of the nights at Scottish, Connie Wilkes came and gave a demonstration of Morris dancing, inspiring Helene and a friend to try a Wednesday English dance. There was usually a Morris class taught first, then country dancing was taught, and sometimes sword dancing after that. Usually about 20 people attended; the crowd was small. After attending two Wednesday dances, Helene and her friend were asked to be in a Christmas demonstration, directed by Lily Conant. Eventually Helene started going to the Boston weekend at Pinewoods, which was at that time held the last weekend in June. She liked English country dancing. Helene with her husband Arthur Cornelius for a time parted ways with Louise Chapin, but eventually Louise asked Arthur to come back and teach Morris, which he did. In 1963, Helene was asked to start teaching the regular Wednesday dances. As no one else wanted to do it, Helene agreed and has been teaching ever since. At that time only one and half hours of the evening were devoted to country dancing. However, that changed as dancers wanted more English country and as there was less interest in the CDS Morris classes.

In 2002, Helene Cornelius was presented with the CDSS Lifetime Contributor award. The presentation was made at the Fall Favorites dance in Concord, MA. – links to a CDSS newsletter interview – CDSS obituary

Arthur Cornelius – a life in dance – Youtube video by David Cornelius – CDSS obituary

George Fogg (1985)

CDS Boston Centre president, 1963-66, acting president 1967

In 2012, George Fogg was presented with the CDSS Lifetime Contributor award. The celebration was held at Payson Park Church in Belmont, MA, and a series of panels were created highlighting some of his many lifetime achievements, along with a 35-page(!) document highlighting items where George’s name appeared in the CDS BC and NEFFA minutes from 1955-2011.

The panels. (10MB pdf)
CDSBC & NEFFA meeting minute highlights. (pdf) – links to a CDSS newsletter profile

Ted Sannella (1987) – Wikipedia page – NEFFA page

Tony Saletan (1996) – Wikipedia page – WGBH profile

Larry Jennings (1997)

In 2004, Larry Jennings was presented with the CDSS Lifetime Contributor award. The presentation was made at the Thursday contra in Cambridge, MA. – links to information from his CDSS lifetime contribution award – University of New Hampshire Library bio

Bare Necessities (2006)

The English Country Dance Collection – the CDS BC series of recordings – Kate Barnes’ website

Kate Barnes – 2020 CDSS Lifetime Contributor award – Jacqueline Schwab’s website

Tom Kruskal (2008)

In 2011, Tom Kruskal was presented with the CDSS Lifetime Contributor award.
The celebration was held at Nevins Hall in Framingham, MA.

Photos of the CDSS event by Marty Stock (Facebook account required to view them) – 2010 Lifetime Contributor award. Links to a CDSS newsletter interview, with music samples and a tribute/chronology