Anyone wishing to donate to the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre may do so by contributing to an existing fund, detailed below, or by making an unrestricted contribution which furthers the mission of CDS, Boston Centre.

Existing Funds:

The Louise Chapin Fund
The Fund shall exist to promote and foster the goals of the Boston Centre for which Louise Chapin worked so hard. These include the promotion and fostering of Dancing and Dance Music for English Country, Morris and Sword, and New-England Contras and Squares.  Grants from the Chapin Fund are available to qualified groups and people for a number of purposes involving the promotion of English, Contra, and Morris and Sword dance and dance music.

The Arthur and Helene Cornelius Fund
The Arthur and Helene Cornelius Fund is composed of contributions made in honor of Arthur and Helene, who tirelessly supported CDS, Boston Centre with their work and teaching skills. This fund is used to support the mission of CDS, Boston Centre.

Nancy Cruise Pinewoods Scholarship Fund
Donations fund scholarships to Pinewoods camp sessions awarded on the basis of
need. Scholarships can be used for CDS-BC sponsored camp sessions or for other
related Pinewoods sessions such as English Week.

The Bolles Memorial Fund
The sum of money given in memory of Dorothy R. Bolles shall be known as the Bolles Memorial Fund. The income of the Fund is to be used for the payment, in whole or in part, of the expenses of one or more persons at a Summer School of Folk Dancing conducted by the Country Dance Society, Inc.  Partial or full scholarships are awarded from the Fund based on need or merit for attendance at CDS-BC sponsored Pinewoods Camp sessions.

Note that donations to support Pinewoods Camp scholarships can be made to either the Cruise or the Bolles Fund, but if not specified will be made to the Cruise Fund by default. Key distinctions between these funds are:

Pinewoods Camp Scholarship Funds
Cruise Bolles
Donations are used for Pinewoods scholarships Donations are added to the Fund principal which is invested.  Investment income is used for Pinewoods scholarships
Partial or full scholarships Partial or full scholarships
Awarded on the basis of need Awarded on the basis of need or merit
For Pinewoods Camp sessions only (CDS-BC or other) For CDS-BC sponsored camp sessions only