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Parking Suggestions

Parking in Harvard Square is extremely limited and difficult to find. Consider alternative means of transportation first.

We recommend that you take an MBTA bus or train to the Square, and then walk the rest of the way. From the Square just walk north on Mass Ave (Rt 2A), staying on the west side of the street until you reach the end of the Cambridge Common at the intersection with Waterhouse St. Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church should be directly across Mass Ave. By the way, if you are on Mass Ave. then you are moving north when Harvard Yard is off to your right.

If you are feeling lucky and are determined to drive then you certainly can try to look for parking on the street. Check the street signs as some parking meters are in effect until 8pm. Try looking on Kirkland and Oxford St near the Harvard Science Center, or on Mass Ave and Garden St next to the Cambridge Common. Although those are the closest parking spots to the church, there are many other streets with non-permit parking available. However, it can take some time to find an open spot. Good luck! For the less patient, there are commercial parking lots on Church Street, at the corner of Eliot and JFK, and near the Charles Hotel.

Membership Information

As you may (or may not) know, our dance series is sponsored by the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre. That means that we don’t have to rely solely on charging admission to pay musicians, callers, or for the use of the hall. CDS Boston has been promoting traditional and contemporary dance and dance music since 1915. So, if you are not already a CDS member, now is the time to sign up (for as little as $10/yr!) and get the member discount every time you come dance with us!

To join CDS Boston, print out and mail the membership application, with payment enclosed, to the address indicated at the top of the form. At this time, CDSBC isn’t set up for credit cards or web pay options.

Contact Information

For more information or parking, email us.