The Country Dance Society Boston Centre presents
The English Country Dance Collection
A series of recordings of English Country dances featuring Bare Necessities
All selections are recorded at dance length and tempo. These are essentially "live" recordings that are as enjoyable to listen to as well as dance to. Bare Necessities is internationally known for its unique presentation of English country dance music. Its members are Peter Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Mary Lea, and Jacqueline Schwab. 
Volume 1
Favorites of the Boston Centre
Some best-loved dances as selected by the Boston Centre members for their Fall Favorites dance party. (Click on tune titles for samples)
Jack's Maggot • Sun Assembly • The Old Mill • The Female Saylor • John Tallis' Canon • Sally in Our Alley • Long Live London • Round About Our Coal Fire • The Introduction • Hudson Barn • Bury Fair • Quite Carr-ied Away • Easter Morn
Volume 2
More Favorites of the Boston Centre
Even more most-requested dances, imaginatively recorded by Bare Necessities.
Lilliburlero • Up With Aily • Bonny Cuckoo • Trip to Paris • Punchbowl • Kelsterne Gardens • Dublin Bay • Fair and Softly • From Aberdeen • Elverton Grove • Bellamira • Smithy Hill • Wibsey Roundabout • Prince William
Volume 3
Simple Pleasures
Straightforward, but fun. Great dances for a mixed level crowd!
The Ragg • The Dressed Ship • Farewell Marian • The Spaniard • Christina • Auretti's Dutch Skipper • Draper's Garden • The Physical Snob • Freeford Gardens • I Care Not For These Ladies • Lovely Nancy • Jacob Hall's Jig • Handel With Care • Yellow Stockings • Hole in the Wall
Volume 4
Modern Treasures
A great selection of modern classics.
Ashford Anniversary • All Saints' Day • A New Beginning • Fenterlarick • Shandy Hall • O, Susato • Helena • Astoria Lass • In the Bleak Midwinter • Pat's Tradition • Another Nancy's Fancy • Winter Solstice • Michael and All Angels • The Homecoming
Volume 5
At Home
Host your own dance party! These dances can fit in your living room or parlor.
The Installation • The Astonished Archaeologist • Lull Me Beyond Thee • Argeers • Hunsdon House • Shrewsbury Lasses • Fain I Would • The Merry Andrew •  Hyde Park • Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom • Love and a Bottle • The Merry Andrew (slow version) • Chelsea Reach • Leah's Waltz • Epping Forest • Once A Night • Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane • Sir Watkin's Jig • Jovial Beggars • Oxford Circus/Parson's Farewell • The Merry, Merry Milkmaids • Randolph Farewell
Volume 6
At The Ball
Longways dances from past programs at the Philadelphia Playford ball. 
Red House • The Mulberry Garden • Corelli's Maggot • Prince George's Birthday • Mount Hills • The Pursuit • King of Poland • Amarillis • Bar a Bar • Anna Maria • Young Widow • The Northdown Waltz • Sadler's Wells  •  Leather Lake House • Never Love Thee More
Volume 7
By Request
Dance leaders from all over have asked for these, all with beautiful new renditions by Bare Necessities (with Jeanne Morrill, guest vocalist).
Jaque Latin • Red and All Red • Dover Pier • Gypsy Round • Albany Assembly • In the Fields of Frost and Snow • When Laura Smiles • Perpetual Motion • Cupid's Garden • Midnight Ramble • Gigue for Genny (Greenholm) •The Collier's Daughter • Ramsgate Assembly  •  Ore Boggy • Mrs. Savage's Whim
Volume 8
By Choice
This time, the band got to pick some of their favorite pieces!
The Haymakers • Easter Tuesday • Rafe's Waltz • Softly Good Tummas • Bonny Gray-Ey'd Morn • Nightcap • Muriel's Measure • Angels Unawares • The Princess • Cockle Shells • Turning of the Year • Beggar Boy • Rufty Tufty
Volume 9
Strong Roots
Easy Historical Dances
Apley House • Braes of Dornoch • Heartsease • The Hop Ground • Huntington's Maggot • Mr. Isaac's Maggot • Old Wife Behind the Fire • Portabella • Rakes of Rochester • Row Well Ye Mariners • Scotch Cap • Sion House • Well Done Jack • Spanish Jigg
Volume 10
New Shoots
A selection of popular modern compositions by USA choreographers
Impropriety • Beach Spring • Lady William's Delight • Six For the Six Proud Walkers • Familiar Quotations • Devil's Maggot • Key to the Cellar • Dunsmuir Waltz • A Trip To Town-O • Laura's Waltz • Puck's Deceit • Safe Haven • Companions
Volume 11
A New English Ball
Modern Dances from England
Mr. Ganiford's Maggot • Koepoort Galliard • Delia (or the Amorous Goddess) • Stepping Stones • Up On a Lofty Mountain • Dear Papa and Dear Mama • Fast Packet • Amy • Josephine • White Wheat • Mr. Ganiford's Delight • The Betrayed Lover • Turn of the Tide • Pride of Newcastle
Volume 12
The Playford Ball
A choice selection of dances from "The Playford Ball" as published by CDSS
The Boatman  • The Round • Shepherd's Holiday • Mr. Beveridge's Maggot • Orleans Baffled • Queen's Jig • Jenny Pluck Pears • Mad Robin • Hey Boys Up Go We • Hit and Miss • Indian Queen • Duke of Kent's Waltz • Dargason • Childgrove • Chestnut • Geud Man of Ballangigh
Volume 13
Mrs. Beveridge's Triumph
A retrospective of 300 years of English dance
Marina  • Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing (or The Jockey)  • Waterfall Waltz  • Mrs. Beveridge’s Triumph  • Autumn in Amherst  • The Play’s the Thing • De’il Take The Warr  • Parthenia  • Wa’ Is Me, What Mun I Do?  • Mendocino Redwood  • Trip to Tunbridge  • Wooden Shoes  • Enfield Common  • Alice
Volume 14
Invitation to Waltz

Waltzes: Some playful, some sultry, some melencholy, some boiling with passion
A Bruxa (for The Flying Sorceress)  • The Middle of Night (for Prince of Westborough)  • Valse de Pastouriaux  • Longevity  • South Side Waltz (for For Robert...)  • Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz   • Intrigas no Boteco  • Sperantsa Pierduta  • Under the Birches  • Come Let's Be Merry (Hackney Minuet)  • Susan's Waltz (for Indian Summer)  • The Invitation  • Felicity

Volume 15
Fast Friends

A collection of tunes for dances by one of the most clever dance writers today: Gary Roodman
Peace and Plenty  • Joy(ce) of the Town  • Apollo's Hunt  • Helene's Gavotte  • Fast Friends  • The Belle of Amherst  • Ramblin' Rosie  • Stride Stately  • Trip to Greene  • Midwinter Maggot  • Mr. Chopin's Waltz  • Christine  • A Celt's New Dance  • Hideaway  • A Solstice Snow

You can get these recordings from the performers, from the producer (Gene Murrow), or these selected dealers:
Country Dance and Song Society (Easthampton, Mass.), Anglo-American Dance Shop (Antwerp, Belgium), Folk Arts Center of New England(Cambridge, Mass.)
Contact: ecdc-recordings atsign cds-boston dot org