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Perennial English country dances from 1963 - present

(dances that have been danced at least once a year for five years since their introduction)

Dance    Number of years
Alice    12
Bonny Cuckoo    28
Candles in the Dark    6
Childgrove    50
Companions    10
Dressed Ship    50
Early Frost    12
Elizabeth    19
Fair and Softly    29
Fandango    47
Far Away    11
Fast Friends    5
Flying Sorceress    5
Gigue for Genny    38
Hazelfern Place    7
Highlander's Humour    6
Homecoming    15
Indian Queen    50
Jack's Health    42
Jaque Latin    10
Key to the Cellar    9
Knives and Forks    29
Lilli Burlero    50
Long Live London    39
Orleans Baffled    50
Play's the Thing    6
Red and All Red    13
Smithy Hill    26
Softly Good Tummas    12
Sun Assembly    29
Turning by Threes    12
Well Hall    35
Whiskey Before Dinner    8
Winter Solstice    18
Wood Duck    31
Zither Man    5



Dances that have fallen off the list:

All Saints Day
Cadgers' Caper
Corelli's Maggot
Dunant House Waltz
Easter Thursday
Kelsterne Gardens
Miss de Jersey's Memorial
New Beginning
Old Mill
Punch Bowl
Rose of Sharon
Round About Our Coal Fire
Slof Galliard
Sun Assembly
Up with Aily


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