WED. & 1st FRI. 2000-2001 Date Teacher

10 For the 10 Commandments 21/03/2001 HC 4/7/01 FH

6 for the 6 Proud Walkers 06/06/2001 BF

7 for the Seven Stars in the Sky 4/7/01e FH

Aberdeen 29/Nov HC

Accord for Pinewoods 02/03/2001 BrF

After the Philadelphia Ball 16/05/2001 KA 02/06/2001 GC 06/06/2001 LL

Albany Assembly 11/07/2001 RH

All Saints' Day 01/Nov HC 07/02/2001 HC 25/02/2001 HC 11/07/2001 RH

Amarillis 20/Sep HC

Angels Unawares 17/01/2001 RH 16/05/2001 GC 02/06/2001 LL 13/06/2001 LL

Anna Maria 13/06/2001 HC

Apley House 27/Sep BF 01/Dec RR 27/Dec HC

April Waltz 08/Nov LL

Ashford Anniversary 06/01/2001 BF 10/01/2001 RR 18/04/2001 CB 29/08/2001 BrF

Astonished Archaeologist, The 22/Nov BF

Astoria Lass 03/Nov HC 03/02/2001 BF

Bar a Bar 27/Sep HC 27/Sep Req 06/04/2001 FH

Barbarini's Tambourine 01/Dec RR 13/06/2001 Req

Bare Necessities 14/02/2001 HC 23/05/2001 BF 23/05/2001 Req

Barham Down 10/01/2001 HC 24/01/2001 HC 31/01/2001 HC 07/02/2001 Req 25/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001 Req 13/06/2001 BF 13/06/2001 Req
Barn Elms 28/03/2001 JS

Bashful Swain, The 02/03/2001 BrF

Bellamira 08/Nov HC 22/Nov RR 13/Dec BF

Birthday Greetings 31/01/2001 HC

Bishop, The 01/Nov LL 01/Nov Req 08/Nov Req 06/01/2001 BF 31/01/2001 LL 11/04/2001 Req

Black Boy, The 28/03/2001 HC

Black Heath 02/05/2001 HC

Black Joke (big circle) 11/Oct GF

Black Nag, The 15/Nov HC

Blaydon Races 31/01/2001 JS

Boatman, The 07/Oct BS 05/01/2001 GF 02/03/2001 BrF

Bonnets So Blue 04/Oct HC

Bonny Cuckoo, The 04/Oct GF 11/Oct Req 25/Oct Req 06/01/2001 BF 14/02/2001 RR 30/05/2001 LL 02/06/2001 LL 29/08/2001 BrF
Britain's Success 17/01/2001 RH

British Sorrow 4/7/01e FH

Bunch of Fives 20/06/2001 JS

Bury Fair 15/Nov RR 07/02/2001 BF 02/03/2001 BrF

Buskin 17/01/2001 RH

Cadgers' Caper 01/Dec RR 04/05/2001 RH 30/05/2001 HC

Cadgers' Other Caper 23/05/2001 HC 23/05/2001 Req

Camberwell 06/04/2001 FH

Chelmsford Assembly 27/Sep BF 18/04/2001 CB 30/05/2001 BF

Cheshire Rounds 04/04/2001 HC 25/04/2001 HC 02/05/2001 Req

Childgrove 15/Nov LL 13/Dec HC 04/04/2001 HC 25/04/2001 LL

Christchurch Bells 06/Dec LL 1/24/01 LL

Cockle Shells 14/03/2001 JS

Collier's Daughter, The 10/01/2001 RR 10/01/2001 Req

Come Let's Be Merry 28/03/2001 JS 28/03/2001 Req

Comical Fellow, The 05/01/2001 GF 18/04/2001 CB

Constancy 20/Sep GF

Corelli's Maggot 20/Sep Req 27/Sep BF 4/7/01e FH

Corn Rigs 04/04/2001 JS 23/05/2001 BF 11/07/2001 RH

Corporation, The 14/03/2001 HC

Cottey House 14/03/2001 HC

Cumberland Long Eight 13/Sep LL

Cupid Disarm'd 13/Sep HC 20/Sep HC

Dancing Wife, The 17/01/2001 RH

December Waltz 04/04/2001 JS 11/04/2001 BF 25/04/2001 BF

Delia 13/Sep Req 21/02/2001 Req

Demon' s Rant, The 29/08/2001 BrF

Dick's Maggot 15/Nov RR 15/Nov Req 1/24/01 LL 03/02/2001 BF 25/02/2001 HC

Dilemma, The 16/05/2001 VS 23/05/2001 HC 23/05/2001 Req

Dissembling Love 25/Oct HC

Dorset Four-hand Reel 27/Dec JS

Dover Pier 04/Oct GF 04/Oct Req 15/Nov HC

Dr. Vincent's Delight 27/Dec HC 18/04/2001 CB 25/07/2001 HC

Drapers Gardens 31/01/2001 JS

Dressed Ship, The 20/Sep GF 18/Oct Req 06/Dec HC 06/Dec Req 30/05/2001 HC 25/07/2001 HC

Drops of Brandy 14/02/2001 JS

Drummer, The 28/02/2001 HC

Dublin Bay 14/02/2001 LL

Duke of Kent's Waltz, The 13/Sep Req 18/04/2001 CB

Dunant House Waltz 06/Oct BS 25/07/2001 HC

Dusty Miller, The 05/01/2001 GF

Early One Morning (Scott Higgs) 02/03/2001 BrF 16/05/2001 LL

Easter Morn 07/Oct BS 21/03/2001 BF 04/05/2001 RH

Easter Thursday 20/Dec Req 21/03/2001 LL 04/04/2001 Req 20/06/2001 BrF 25/07/2001 HC

Easter Tuesday 28/03/2001 JS

Elizabeth 25/04/2001 Req 29/08/2001 BrF

Elverton Grove 06/Dec RR 06/Dec Req

Ely Court 4/7/01w FH

Enfield Common 04/04/2001 JS

Escort to Leicester 30/05/2001 Req

Evergreen 02/06/2001 MT

Face the Music 09/05/2001 BF

Fain I Would 07/02/2001 BF 21/02/2001 JS 25/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001 JS

Fair and Softly 20/Sep Req 02/03/2001 BrF 29/08/2001 BrF

Fair Quaker of Deal, The 29/Nov HC 04/04/2001 Req

Fandango 07/Oct BS 29/08/2001 BrF

Farewell Marian 21/03/2001 JS

Farewell to Plymouth 05/01/2001 GF

Fast Packet, The 04/04/2001 HC 04/04/2001 Req

Female Sayler, The 13/Dec Req 20/Dec RR 11/04/2001 LL

Fenterlarick 27/Sep Req 07/Oct BS 14/03/2001 Req 06/04/2001 FH 25/04/2001 BF

Fine Companion, The 28/03/2001 JS 06/04/2001 FH

First Lady, The 13/06/2001 BF

First Night, The 14/02/2001 HC

Fit's Come on Me Now, The 02/03/2001 BrF

Flowers of Edinburgh, The 13/Dec BF 21/03/2001 BF 11/04/2001 BF

Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing 15/Nov HC 20/Dec HC 09/05/2001 HC

Freeford Gardens 29/Nov RR 29/Nov Req 14/02/2001 HC 21/03/2001 RR 11/07/2001 RH

Friday Sicilian 4/7/01e FH

Furbelows and Apricocks 06/04/2001 FH

Galloping Nag, The 18/04/2001 CB

Garter, The 06/04/2001 FH

Geud Man of Ballangigh 27/Sep BF 13/Dec HC 25/04/2001 HC

Gigue For Genny, A 15/Nov RR 06/01/2001 BF 03/02/2001 BF

Good Man of Cambridge, The 03/Nov HC

Goose and the Gridiron, The 11/Oct HC

Grandfather's Clock 25/Oct GF

Greensleeves and Yellow Lace 06/Oct BS

Gypsy Round, The 30/05/2001 BF

Halsway Manor Jig 04/05/2001 RH

Hambleton's Round O 06/Dec Req 4/7/01e FH 02/06/2001 LL

Handel With Care 29/Nov RR

Handelbars 16/05/2001 CK

Haymakers, The 20/Dec HC 20/Dec Req 21/02/2001 HC 21/02/2001 Req 25/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001 Req 11/07/2001 RH

Health, The 4/7/01w FH 4/7/01e FH

Heartsease 08/Nov RR 21/02/2001 HC

Heidenroeslein 08/Nov RR

Helena 20/06/2001 BF

Helene 28/03/2001 HC 28/03/2001 Req 06/06/2001 HC 13/06/2001 BF 11/07/2001 RH

Helene's Night Out 06/Oct BS

Hit and Miss 17/01/2001 RH 11/04/2001 LL

Hole in the Wall 13/Dec LL 1/24/01 LL 1/24/01 Req 14/02/2001 RR

Homecoming, The 27/Dec JS 06/01/2001 BF 11/04/2001 BF 11/04/2001 Req 29/08/2001 BrF

Hop Ground, The 06/01/2001 BF

Hop Pickers' Feast 22/Nov JS

Hortonia 03/Nov HC 02/06/2001 MT

Hudson Barn 13/Sep Req 27/Dec BF 02/03/2001 BrF

Huntington's Maggot 25/07/2001 HC

Hyde Park 04/04/2001 HC 18/04/2001 CB

I Care Not for These Ladies 06/Dec HC 04/04/2001 HC

If All the World Were Paper 28/03/2001 HC

If I Had Maggie in the Wood 03/02/2001 BF

Impertinence 06/04/2001 FH

Impropriety 01/Dec RR

In the Bleak Midwinter 17/01/2001 RH 31/01/2001 Req 28/02/2001 Req 30/05/2001 BF

In the Fields in Frost and Snow 21/03/2001 JS

Indian Princess 09/05/2001 HC

Indian Queen 04/Oct GF 22/Nov BrF 13/Dec Req 1/24/01 LL 1/24/01 Req

Installation, The 03/Nov HC 06/06/2001 HC

Intrigue, The 03/Nov HC

Introduction, The 25/Oct LL 01/Dec RR 27/Dec LL 14/02/2001 LL 02/03/2001 BrF 06/04/2001 FH 20/06/2001 LL

Irish Lamentation 29/Nov RR 25/07/2001 HC

Jack's Health 01/Dec RR 21/03/2001 RR 02/05/2001 BF 06/06/2001 Req

Jack's Maggot 22/Nov EF

Jacob Hall's Jig 13/Sep HC 07/Oct BS 20/06/2001 RR

Jamaica 08/Nov RR 15/Nov Req 27/Dec LL 10/01/2001 Req 31/01/2001 Req 11/04/2001 LL

Jaque Latin 29/08/2001 BrF

Jenny Come Tye 01/Nov GF

Jolly Cooper, The 18/Oct GF

Joseph's Idyll 16/05/2001 LL 02/06/2001 LL

Joy of May, The 16/05/2001 JC

Jubilee at Eindhoven 02/06/2001 MT

Juice of Barley 24/Jan LL 07/02/2001 BF 23/05/2001 BF 30/05/2001 Req

Kelsterne Gardens 15/Nov RR 07/02/2001 HC 21/03/2001 RR 16/05/2001 BF

Kentish Cricketers 08/Nov RR

Kill Him With Kindness 03/Nov HC

King of Poland 01/Dec RR 17/01/2001 RH

Kneeland Romp 29/Nov RR

Knives and Forks 25/Oct GF 13/Dec Req 05/01/2001 GF 06/01/2001 BF 04/04/2001 LL

Knole Park 13/Sep GF 18/Oct GF

La Danse Galante 25/Oct GF

La Russe 18/Oct GF

Lancashire Reel 13/Sep GF

Laura's Waltz 14/02/2001 JS

Leather Lake House 08/Nov Req 29/Nov Req 14/02/2001 JS 06/04/2001 FH 11/04/2001 Req

Levi Jackson Rag 22/Nov BrF

Lichfield Sundays 4/7/01w FH 4/7/01e FH

Lilli Burlero 13/Sep GF 07/Oct BS 07/02/2001 LL 18/04/2001 CB 06/06/2001 BF

London Gentlewoman, The 18/04/2001 CB 25/04/2001 HC

Long Live London 18/Oct Req 01/Nov Req 29/Nov Req 02/05/2001 Req 23/05/2001 Req 29/08/2001 BrF

Look Both Ways 07/02/2001 Req 30/05/2001 BF 30/05/2001 Req

Lord Foppington 07/02/2001 HC

Love and a Bottle 31/01/2001 HC 28/02/2001 HC 02/05/2001 BF

Love in a Village 14/02/2001 GF

Love's Triumoh 03/Nov HC 20/Dec RR

Lull Me Beyond Thee 20/Sep HC 27/Sep HC 04/Oct Req 11/Oct Req 25/07/2001 HC

Mad Robin 29/Nov RR 14/02/2001 JS 09/05/2001 BF

Maiden Fair 16/05/2001 TG

Maiden Lane 27/Sep LL 22/Nov LL 04/05/2001 RH

Marching to Praetorius 01/Dec RR

Mavis Sweetly Sings, The 14/03/2001 HC 28/03/2001 HC 28/03/2001 Req 04/04/2001 Req

May Fair 13/Dec BF 13/Dec Req

Measured Obsession 04/Oct LL 07/02/2001 BF

Merrily on High 09/May HC

Merry Boyce and Girls 27/Sep HC

Merry Mery Milkmaids, The 01/Nov GF 13/Dec HC 10/01/2001 RR 25/02/2001 HC

Merry Salopians, The 03/Nov HC 06/Dec RR 13/Dec BF 20/Dec RR 20/Dec Req 25/02/2001 HC 13/06/2001 BF

Michael and All Angels 29/Nov HC 29/Nov Req 10/01/2001 HC 10/01/2001 Req 21/02/2001 JS 25/02/2001 HC 11/04/2001 Req

Mill Hill 22/Nov BF 06/01/2001 BF

Millenium Morn 23/05/2001 LL 20/06/2001 LL

Miss Barrett's Waltz 11/Oct GF

Miss de Jersey's Memorial 06/Oct BS

Miss Spark's Maggot 13/Sep GF

Mock Hobby Horse, The 01/Nov GF 21/02/2001 HC

Mock Match, The 18/04/2001 CB

Monica's Delight 25/07/2001 HC

Morecambe Bay 06/Dec RR 16/05/2001 BF

Morpeth Rant 27/Sep HC 07/Oct BS

Morris Hey Thing 23/05/2001 BF

Mount Hills 18/04/2001 CB

Mr. Beveridge's Maggot 04/Oct Req 11/Oct HC 11/Oct Req 06/06/2001 HC 06/06/2001 Req 13/06/2001 Req

Mr. Ganiford's Delight 02/05/2001 HC

Mr. Isaac's Maggot 13/Sep HC 07/Oct BS 29/08/2001 BrF

Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane 01/Nov HC 08/Nov HC 15/Nov RR 29/Nov HC 1/24/01 HC 25/02/2001 HC

Mulberry Garden 17/01/2001 RH

Mylecharane 17/01/2001 RH 4/7/01e FH 11/07/2001 RH

Nan's Waltz 25/07/2001 HC

Never Love Thee More 06/Oct BS 14/02/2001 GF 11/07/2001 RH

New York Times 04/05/2001 RH

New Beginning, A 27/Sep Req 06/Dec Req 31/01/2001 Req 14/03/2001 Req 21/03/2001 BF 09/05/2001 Req

New Jamaica, The 18/04/2001 CB

New Year's Day in the Morning 17/01/2001 RH

Newcastle 10/01/2001 HC 30/05/2001 Req

News From Tripoli 04/Oct HC 06/06/2001 BF 06/06/2001 Req

Nine Tailors, The 11/Oct LL

Nonsuch Cottage 03/02/2001 BF

Northdown Waltz 20/Sep GF 20/Sep Req 18/Oct GF 11/04/2001 LL

Nottingham Swing 08/Nov HC 06/01/2001 BF

Now is the Month of Maying 04/05/2001 RH

O, Susato 31/01/2001 HC 21/02/2001 LL 28/02/2001 JS 02/03/2001 BrF 20/06/2001 BF

Old Noll's Jig 21/02/2001 Req

Old Wife Behind the Fire 17/01/2001 RH

Orleans Baffled 20/Sep Req 06/01/2001 BF 04/05/2001 RH

Orly Triumphant 17/01/2001 RH

Oxford Circus 14/03/2001 JS

Painting the Orphan 18/Oct HC

Parson Upon Dorothy 04/05/2001 RH 11/07/2001 RH

Patrick's Waltz 02/05/2001 BF 09/05/2001 BF 23/05/2001 HC 30/05/2001 HC

Pat's Tradition 14/02/2001 RR

Peace Be With You 20/Sep LL 28/03/2001 LL

Physical Snob, The 25/Oct Req

Picking Up Sticks 20/Dec HC

Pins and Needles 18/Oct HC 22/Nov GF

Ploughboy, The 13/Sep GF

Ponderosa Pine 4/7/01w FH

Portsmouth 13/06/2001 HC

Prince George's Birthday 20/06/2001 GC

Prince Wm. Of G's Waltz 20/06/2001 AC

Princess, The 04/04/2001 JS 04/04/2001 Req

Puck's Deceit 11/07/2001 RH

Punch Bowl, The 18/Oct HC 18/Oct Req 08/Nov Req 1/24/01 HC 1/24/01 Req 21/02/2001 HC 21/02/2001

Pursuit, The 27/Dec BF 25/04/2001 Req 23/05/2001 BF 02/06/2001 GC

Queen Victoria Country Dance 20/Sep HC 06/01/2001 BF

Queen's Jig 18/Oct GF 28/02/2001 HC 09/05/2001 LL 09/05/2001 Req 30/05/2001 BF 20/06/2001 JS 11/07/2001 RH

Quite Carried Away 01/Dec RR 03/02/2001 BF

Ragg, The 31/01/2001 JS 31/01/2001 Req 14/03/2001 JS 28/03/2001 Req 20/06/2001 GC

Randolph Farewell 10/01/2001 Req 28/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001 Req

Red and all Red 04/05/2001 RH 13/06/2001 HC 13/06/2001 Req

Red House 25/07/2001 HC

Reverie 25/07/2001 HC

Rifleman, The 10/01/2001 HC 25/04/2001 HC

Room for Ramblers 20/Dec RR 11/04/2001 BF 02/05/2001 BF

Rose of Sharon 03/02/2001 BF 21/02/2001 JS 21/02/2001 Req 25/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001 LL 4/7/01e FH

Round About Our Coal Fire 06/Oct BS 01/Dec RR 27/Dec HC 06/01/2001 BF 21/03/2001 LL 06/06/2001 Req

Roxburgh Castle 06/Oct BS

Rufty Tufty 05/01/2001 GF

Sadler's Wells 04/05/2001 RH

Sally From Poland 03/Nov HC

Sally in our Alley 07/Oct BS 22/Nov RR 27/Dec JS 16/05/2001 BF 23/05/2001 Req 29/08/2001 BrF

Salutation 01/Nov GF 01/Nov Req 22/Nov GF

Sarah 22/Nov HC

Scarborough Fair 25/07/2001 HC

Scotch Cap 06/Oct BS 02/05/2001 HC 06/06/2001 BF

Scotch Measure 4/7/01w FH 4/7/01e FH

Scotch Morris 06/Oct BS

Severn Bore, The 4/7/01w FH

Shandy Hall 20/Sep GF 20/Sep Req

Shepherd's Holiday 30/05/2001 HC

Short and Sweet 02/06/2001 GC

Shrewsbury Lasses 06/01/2001 BF 06/04/2001 FH

Siege of Limerick 01/Nov HC 10/01/2001 RR 25/07/2001 HC

Sir Watkins' Jigg 31/01/2001 JS

Skipping Det 02/06/2001 MT

Slaughter House 06/Oct BS 20/Dec HC 07/02/2001 HC 07/02/2001 Req 18/04/2001 CB 23/05/2001 HC 20/06/2001 BF

Slockit Light 02/05/2001 LL 02/05/2001 Req

Slof Galliard 11/Oct GF 11/Oct Req 18/Oct HC 25/Oct GF 25/Oct Req 15/Nov Req 27/Dec

Smithy Hill 03/02/2001 BF 14/03/2001 Req 25/04/2001 Req

Softly Good Tummas 29/08/2001 BrF

Songs of the Harpist 06/Oct BS 06/04/2001 FH 30/05/2001 Req

Sophie's Waltz 01/Nov HC

Spanish Jigg 14/02/2001 HC 18/04/2001 CB

Speed the Plough 01/Nov HC 21/03/2001 HC

Spring, The 25/04/2001 BF

St. Andrews Assembly 25/Oct HC

St. Margaret's Hill 07/Oct BS 14/03/2001 LL 4/7/01e FH 02/05/2001 Req 29/08/2001 BrF

St. Martin's Lane 1/24/01 Req 25/04/2001 BF 04/05/2001 RH

Step Stately 01/Dec RR

Sun Assembly 13/Sep Req 06/Dec RR 05/01/2001 GF 17/01/2001 RH 21/03/2001 RR 09/05/2001 Req

Swiss Allemande 25/Oct GF

Take a Dance 03/02/2001 BF 16/05/2001 HC 06/06/2001 BF 29/08/2001 BrF

Tambourine Dance, The 28/03/2001 JS

Thursday Mixer 4/7/01w FH

Tod's Assembly 03/Nov HC

Trip O'er Tweed, A 13/Sep HC 13/Sep Req

Trip to Amsterdam, A 02/05/2001 HC 02/05/2001 Req 25/07/2001 HC

Trip to Canterbury, A 02/05/2001 Hc

Trip to Greene 22/Nov HC 09/05/2001 HC 09/05/2001 Req

Trip to Kilburn, A 08/Nov RR 08/Nov Req 16/05/2001 HC 06/06/2001 Req

Trip to Orpington, A 11/04/2001 BF 20/06/2001 HC

Trip to Paris, A 07/Oct BS

Trip to the Jubilee 25/04/2001 BF 25/04/2001 Req

Trip to Tunbridge, A 22/Nov EF 21/02/2001 HC 16/05/2001 BF

Turning of the Year 22/Nov JS 29/Nov Req

Two Cousins, The 13/Dec HC 13/Dec Req 20/Dec Req 31/01/2001 Req

Unrequited Love 05/01/2001 GF

Up On a Lofty Mountain 27/Dec HC

Up With Aily 06/Dec HC 10/01/2001 HC 03/02/2001 BF 25/02/2001 HC 13/06/2001 Req

Upon a Summer's day 13/06/2001 HC

Wa' Is Me 27/Sep Req 18/Oct Req 13/Dec Req 06/01/2001 BF 07/02/2001 Req 28/03/2001 Req

Wakefield Hunt 02/06/2001 GC

Walls of Winchester, The 04/Oct GF 04/Oct Req 11/Oct GF

Waterfall Waltz 27/Sep BF

Waters of Holland 20/06/2001 BrF

Well Hall 11/04/2001 LL 09/05/2001 Req

When Laura Smiles 04/05/2001 RH 20/06/2001 HC 11/07/2001 RH

Whirligig, The 09/05/2001 BF 09/05/2001 Req

Whirligig's Last Bow The 04/Oct HC 11/Oct HC 11/Oct Req 25/Oct HC 25/Oct Req 01/Nov Req 06/Dec

Wibsey Roundabout, The 06/01/2001 BF 14/03/2001 JS

Willow Tree, The 21/03/2001 JS

Winter Solstice 06/Dec HC 06/Dec Req 20/Dec HC 20/Dec Req 1/24/01 HC 25/02/2001 HC 28/02/2001

Winter Waltz 4/7/01w FH 4/7/01e FH 11/07/2001 RH

Wood Duck, The 18/Oct LL 15/Nov Req

Woodstock Park 15/Nov HC 21/03/2001 HC 06/04/2001 FH

Working Masons of Merlin, The 05/01/2001 GF

Wouldst Thou Have a Young Virgin 04/05/2001 RH

Wrights of Lichfield, The 27/Dec BF

Yellow Stockings 05/01/2001 GF 02/03/2001 BrF 14/03/2001 JS 14/03/2001 Req

Young Widow, The 27/Dec GF

Zealand 08/Nov HC

Zephyr and Neptune 03/02/2001 BF

Zephyrs and Flora 10/01/2001 RR