Dance Sources, as compiled by Chris Walker, for the CDS-Boston Centre 1963 - 2003 celebrations
with later additions up to August 2006

Dance Source
10 for the Ten Commandments Ease and Elegance (Herman)
16th of December Unpublished (H. Cornelius)
29th of May Sharp 2
29th of May (II) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
3 for the Rivals Ease and Elegance (Herman)
3-D Waltz Unpublished (F. Herman)
5th of May Country Dance & Song 8
6 for the Six Proud Walkers Ease and Elegance (Herman)
7 for the Seven Stars in the Sky Ease and Elegance (Herman)
8 for the Music Makers Ease and Elegance (Herman)
9 for the Nine Bright Stars Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Abbey Reflection Unpublished (T. Monson)
Aberdeen Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Abernethy House Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Abram Circle Six Morris Dances (EFDSS)
Accomplished Maid Fallibroome 3
Accord for Pinewoods A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Adele's Delight Dances with a Difference 4 (Hume)
Adieu Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Adm. Mitchell's Waltz Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Adson's Saraband Sharp 3
Adventure at Margate Kentish Hops 1
After the Philadelphia Ball Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Again Sweet Richard Not All My Own Work (Bolton)
Ah Belinda New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Alas My Love Unpublished (J. Hango)
Albany Assembly CDSS News 150
Alchurch Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Alderman's Hat Apted
Alexander's Birthday Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Alice Antwerp Antics (P. Callens)
All Alive Choice Morsels (Herman)
All Saints Day CDSS News 99
Allemand Swiss American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Alterations Wrights' Humours
Althea Sharp 3
Alton Machine Dommett's Morris Notes 5
Amarillis Sharp 2
Amazed Geneticist Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
American Husband Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
American Lady's Country Dance George Washington - A Biography (Keller)
Amesbury Retreads 5 (Bolton)
Andrea's Waltz CDSS News 102
Angels Unawares CDSS News 162
Anna Maria Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Another Nancy's Fancy Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Apley House Sharp 6
April Waltz Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Archbishop Potters' Porch (Herman)
Argeers Sharp 3
Armstrong's Waltz Community Dances Manual 6
Arnold's Circle English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Arthur's Night In Hudson Barn
As Quick as You Please Fallibroome 2
Ash Grove Unpublished (L. Vosteen)
Ashford Anniversary More of the Same (Bolton)
Ashford Assembly Dances with a Difference 1 (Hume)
Ashley's Ride American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Ashworth Round Robin (Bolton)
Asking for the Road CDSS News 166: May/June 2002
Astonished Archaeologist Continental Capers (Callens)
Astoria Lass Potters' Porch (Herman)
At Nancy's House Impropriety
Aughton Green Spoil the Broth (Cook)
Auretti's Dutch Skipper Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Autumn in Amherst Antwerp Antics (P. Callens)
Avoncroft Pat Shaw Collection 1
Avos Bay From Two Barns 8 (Sheffield)
Baffled Knight Maggot Pie
Bar a Bar Naked Truth (Herman)
Barbara's Maggot Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Barbarini's Tambourine CDSS News 161
Bare Necessities Pat Shaw Collection 1
Barham Down Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Barley Bree Unidentified (K. & S. Clark)
Barley Mow Apted
Barn Elms Fallibroome 1
Bartlett House Naked Truth (Herman); Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)*
Bashful Swain New Series (Kennedy)
Bath Carnival Apted
Bath Medley Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Beach Spring Dances From Barnes II
Beachen Cliff Frolick (Town)
Beamish Hall Unpublished (R. Moir)
Beau's Retreat Fallibroome 2
Beautiful Fields Potters' Porch (Herman)
Beauty of the Berkshires Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Beechen Grove's New Hall Occasions (Bolton)
Beggar Boy Sharp 2
Belfast Duck Community Dances Manual 1
Belgia Retrieved Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Bell of Creation Pat Shaw Collection 1
Bellamira New Series (Kennedy)
Belle of St. Jo
Benjamin's Birthday A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Bep's Favourite Continental Capers (Callens)
Berkshire Fool Zesty Contras (Jennings)
Berkshire Tragedy Pat Shaw Collection 1
Bernard Chalk Mixer Unidentified (H. Cornelius)
Better Day Better Deed From Two Barns 2 (Sheffield)
Betty Fair
Big Circle Mixer Community Dances Manual 1
Bigamy Optimist (Bolton)
Bill's Rant English Dance & Song 43 (Spring '81)
Birthday Branle Odd Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Birthday Greetings A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Birthday Waltz English Dance & Song (Summer '90)
Bishop Apted
Bishop of Bangor's Jig Choice Morsels (Herman)
Bishop of Chester's Jig Purcell, Playford and the English Country Dance (Helwig & Barron)
Bittersweet Unpublished (R. Hayden)
Bittersweet (II) Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Black and Grey Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Black Boy Ashover Dances (EFDS, Sheffield)
Black Boy Alley Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Black Dance [Richmond Ball 1790] (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Black Heath Choice Morsels (Herman)
Black Jack Community Dances Manual 6
Black Joke Unpublished (N. Kelley)
Black Nag Sharp 2
Blackwell Hall Fallibroome 1
Blaydon Races Community Dances Manual 5
Blenheim Pound Wrights' Humours 2
Blue Primrose From Two Barns 2 (Sheffield)
Boatman Sharp 4
Bob in the Bed From Two Barns 3 (Sheffield)
Bonnets So Blue Community Dances Manual 1
Bonnie Cate Ashover Dances (EFDS, Sheffield)
Bonny Breast Knot Community Dances Manual 2
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex) Community Dances Manual 5
Bonny Cuckoo CDSS News 69
Bonny Grey-Ey'd Morn Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance (A. Shaw)
Bonny Nell Maggot Pie
Booth's Hornpipe New Series (Kennedy)
Boston Two-Step Anonymous (B. Sayler)
Boston Uncommon Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Bouzer Castle Fallibroome 6
Boxing Day Website: by Sharon Green
Brad's on First Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Braes of Dornoch Retreads 4 (Bolton)
Bray's Maggot Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Brian's Reel English Dance & Song (Winter '67)
Brick Makers Road to Ruin (Herman)
Bridge of Athlone Community Dances Manual 6
Bridgecourt Lane Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Bridgewater Bay English Dance & Song (Winter '73)
Bright and Beautiful New Dances for Old (Hume)
Britain's Success [Walsh 1719] (F. Herman)
Britains Sharp 6
British Sorrow Heritage Dances of Early America (Page)
Broom the Bonny Bonny Broom Sharp 3
Bryon's Boutade Potters' Porch (Herman)
Bucks of Europa Manchester Fan (P. Wood, Ed.)
Bunch of Fives Dances with a Difference 2 (Hume)
Burghee's Hole Fallibroome 4
Burgundy's Flight Fallibroome 5
Bury Fair Sharp 6
Bury Fair (II) Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Bury Fair (III) Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Bury Fair (IV) Unpublished (G. Christian)
Buskin Purcell, Playford and the English Country Dance (Helwig & Barron)
Buttercup Unpublished (C. Luer)
Butterfly Sharp 1
Butterfly Wings English Dance & Song 57 (Winter '95)
Buzzard's Bay Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
C & N Continental Capers (Callens)
Cadgers' Caper Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Cadgers' Other Caper Website: Gary Roodman
Cady Laddy [Johnson 1744] (J. Schwab)
Camberwell Fallibroome 6
Cambridge Waltz EFDSS single (Unknown)
Cambridge Waltz (II) [Thompson 1816] (N. Broadbridge/G. Fogg)
Campbell's Lament Unpublished (C. Kaynor)
Camphouse Reel Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Cap't. Corbet's Maggot Antwerp Antics (P. Callens)
Capers at Canterbury Kentish Hops 2
Capt. McCann Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Caretaker's Daughter Unpublished (K. Allen)
Carillon at Sneek New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Casterton Capers Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Cat Dancer Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Cat in the Window Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Cat's Cradle Not All My Own Work (Bolton)
Catching of Fleas Sharp 3
Catching of Quails Sharp 3
Cecilia New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Centre of Friends Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Chain Double O Anonymous (C. Towns)
Chamberlain Election [M. Welch 1767] (C. Hume)
Charlene's Celebration Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Charley Stuart
Charming Maid Seven Country Dances (Simons)
Chelmsford Assembly Fallibroome 3
Chelsea Reach Sharp 3
Cheshire Round Wrights' Humours 2
Cheshire Round (II) Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Cheshire Round (III) Retreads 8 (Bolton)
Chestnut Sharp 2
Chestnut Farewell Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Cheviot Rant Community Dances Manual 6
Chigwell Row Pat Shaw Collection 1
Childgrove Sharp 6
Chloe the Fair Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Chocolate Round O Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Choice Morsels Choice Morsels (Herman)
Christchurch Bells Sharp 4
Christchurch Bells (II) Six Simple Country Dances (Shaw)
Christchurch Bells in Oxon New Series (Kennedy)
Christchurch Saylor Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Christina Stafford Ruby Collection
Christmas at Zeist Continental Capers (Callens)
Christmas by Committee Unpublished (V. Skowronski, D. Carl, J. Gilbert, L. Lasseter and L. Ahern)
Christmas Revels Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Chuck Ward's Whirl Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Clapham Frolic Fallibroome 5
Clarance House Pat Shaw Collection 1
Clevedon Sicilian Pat Shaw Collection 1
Clopton Bridge Unpublished (John Chapman)
Clout Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Cockle Shells Retreads 8 (Bolton)
Cold and Raw Purcell, Playford and the English Country Dance (Helwig & Barron)
College Hornpipe Community Dances Manual 7
College Hornpipe (II) American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Collier's Daughter Sharp 4
Collier's Daughter (II) Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Come Let's Be Merry Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Come Sweet Lass Unpublished (T. Cook)
Comet English Dance & Song 48 (Spring '86)
Comical Fellow Apted
Companions Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Concealed Health Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Coney Walk Fallibroome 2
Confess Sharp 3
Constancy Griffiths Dances (Hendrickson)
Copenhagen Waltz Merry Month of May (Simons)
Corelli's Maggot Gems (CDSS)
Corn Rigs Community Dances Manual 3
Corner House From Two Barns 5 (Sheffield)
Cornish Six Hand Reel Traditional (J. Morrison)
Corporation Apted
Cotery Richmond Assemblies
Cottagers Community Dances Manual 5
Cottey House New Series (Kennedy)
Cottey House (II) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
Cottonwood Impropriety II
Country Bumpkin Heathfield Dances (Downing)
Country Farmer Sharp 6
Crazy Laura Unpublished (L. Stern)
Crosbey Square Sharp 6
Crown and Pinion Stafford Silver Collection
Crown the Year Unpublished (F. Herman)
Crystal Spring Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Cuckolds All a Row [Playford 1651]
Cumberland Long Eight Community Dances Manual 2
Cumberland Reel Community Dances Manual 1
Cumberland Square Community Dances Manual 1
Cupid Disarm'd Choice Morsels (Herman)
Cupid's Garden Maggot Pie
Cynthia's Waltz Gems (CDSS)
Dam It Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Dance for Joy Naked Truth (Herman)
Dance of the Lakes Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Dance with Me Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Dancing Across the Atlantic Dancing Across the Atlantic (Holz)
Dancing Dutch Pat Shaw Collection 1
Dancing Wife Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Daphne Seven Country Dances (Simons)
Daphne (II) Unpublished (A. Shaw)
Daphne's Delight Fallibroome 1
Dargason Sharp 2
Darius Unpublished (P. Callacott)
Dartford Camp Kentish Hops 1
Dashing White Sergeant Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Dauntless Dorothy Naked Truth (Herman)
David's Delight Dance Search (Hume)
De'il Take the Warr She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Dear Papa and Dear Mama New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
December Waltz Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Delia Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Delight of Kentish Countrysides Continental Capers (Callens)
Delight of Sudbury Wrights' Humours
Designing Woman Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Despairing Lover Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Devil Among the Tailors Wrights' Humours
Devil in the Kitchen Anonymous (S. Salmons)
Devil's Maggot Playford in the New World
Devilish Delight of Dr. Dennard Choice Morsels (Herman)
Devonshire House Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Diamonds and Squares Unpublished (P. Debins)
Dick's Maggot Sharp 6
Dickey Dwindle [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
Dilemma Unpublished (K. Allen)
Dini's Waltz Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Dissembling Love Sharp 6
Doldrum Maggot Pie
Doll Tearsheet's Rant Fallibroome 4
Don't Just Do Something Hudson Barn II
Donfisco [Merrill 1795] (G. Fogg)
Donkey Brays New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Donnie's Farewell to London Pat Shaw Collection 1
Dorset Four Hand Reel Community Dances Manual 5
Dorset Ring Community Dances Manual 3
Double Bend Spoil the Broth (Cook)
Double Duet Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Double Lead Through Community Dances Manual 1
Double Top Courtesy Turns (Bolton)
Double Visit Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Doubtful Shepherd Early American Dances (Morrison)
Dover Pier Kentish Hops 1
Dovetail Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Doway Fallibroome 1
Down Back o t' Shoddy Down Back o t' Shoddy (Pilling & Schofield)
Dr. Fauster's Tumblers Frolick (Town)
Dr. Faustus' Jig Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Dr. Vincent's Delight Occasions (Bolton)
Draper's Gardens Fallibroome 2
Draper's Gardens 2 Unpublished (interp. by Andrew Shaw)
Draper's Maggot New Series (Kennedy)
Draw, Cupid, Draw [Playford 1710] (G. Christian)
Dressed Ship Apted
Drive the Cold Winter Away Sharp 6
Drops of Brandy Community Dances Manual 3
Drummer Retreads 7 (Bolton)
Dublin Bay Fallibroome 1
Duchess of Hamilton's Rant Ashover Dances (EFDS, Sheffield)
Duchess Saraband New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Duke of Kent's Waltz Kentish Hops 2
Duke of Kent's Waltz (II) Kentish Hops (∑)
Dull Sir John Sharp 2
Dunant House Waltz Dutch Crossing (Tent)
Dunham Oaks Dances of Brian Wedgbury
Durham Reel Community Dances Manual 3
Dusty Miller Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Dusty Miller (II) American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Dutch Diamond CDSS News 176
Dutch Dollars Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Dutchman Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Early Frost CDSS News 168
Early One Morning Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Early One Morning (II) Early One Morning (Higgs)
East Indian From Two Barns 5 (Sheffield)
East Quantock Home Brewed (K. Alexander)
Easter Eve Fallibroome 4
Easter Morn CDSS News 121
Easter Thursday Fallibroome 5
Easter Thursday (II) Unpublished (C. Wittman)
Easter Tuesday [Walsh 1731] (J. Schwab)
Elfin Dance Unpublished (E. Ferguson)
Elizabeth Dances with a Difference 4 (Hume)
Elverton Grove Come Let's Be Merry, 2nd Ed. (Cook)
Ely Court Naked Truth (Herman)
Emperor of the Moon Emperor of the Moon (A. Shaw)
Enchanted Place All Alive (Bolton)
Enchanted Wood [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
Enfield Common Continental Capers (Callens)
Enfield Wash Fallibroome 3
English Breakfast Tea Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
English Connection Road to Ruin (Herman)
Enrichez Vous English Dance & Song (Summer '92)
Epping Forest Sharp 6
Epsom New Wells Sharp 4
Eroica Fallibroome Garden (Bentley)
Errol on the Green Pat Shaw Collection 1
Escort to Leicester Naked Truth (Herman)
Evan's Delight She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Evergreen Hudson Barn II / Blind Harper Dances
Every Lad His Lass Sharp 4
Excuse Me Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Excuse Me (II) Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Eyes Have It Unpublished (P. Ross)
Face the Music Potters' Porch (Herman)
Fain I Would Sharp 3
Fair and Softly Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Fair Maid of Wickham Kentish Hops 3
Fair One Let Me In Early One Morning (Higgs)
Fair Quaker of Deal Kentish Hops 2
Fairy Prince Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Faithful Shepherd [Thompson 1769] (G. Fogg)
Faithful Villager English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Faithless Nancy Dawson Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Familiar Quotations Website: by Sharon Green
Family Waltz Folk Dance Syllabus #1 (Herman)
Fancy Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Fandango Apted
Far Away Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Farewell Marian P. Shaw Pinewoods Notes; Six Easy Dances
Farewell to Plymouth Hudson Barn
Farmer New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Fast Packet CDSS News 149
Father's Day A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Felicity Website: Colin Hume
Felix's Name Day Unpublished (M. Cicone)
Female Sayler Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Fenterlarick CDSS News 97/99
Fete Champetre Continental Capers (Callens)
Fiddler's Elbow Callers' Choice 2
Fie Nay Prithee John Sharp 6
Fifty-Fifty Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Fine Companion Sharp 2
Fine Lady of Homewood Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Fiona's Folly
Fireflies Choice Morsels (Herman)
First Baptist Assembly Website: by Victor Skowronski
First Lady Potters' Porch (Herman)
First Night English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
First of April Apted
First of October Continental Capers (Callens)
Fit's Come On Me Now Sharp 4
Five Hand Reel Unidentified (G. Fogg)
Flowers and Candy Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Flowers of Chirk P. Shaw Pinewoods Notes
Flowers of Edinburg Community Dances Manual 6
Fop's Fancy She Favourite (A. Shaw)
For Nora Sidmouth Collection (A. Laver)
Foula Reel Community Dances Manual 7
Founders' Day Vesey Collection (Wright)
Four Winds Pat Shaw Collection 1
Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing Sharp 6
Frances Ann's Delight Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Frank and Easy Choice Morsels (Herman)
Freda's Fancy Pat Shaw Collection 2
Free Mason Apted
Freeford Gardens CDSS News 157
French Ambassador Maggot Pie
French Ambassador (II) Retreads 1 (Bolton)
French Peasant Road to Ruin (Herman)
Friar and the Nun [Playford 1651] (C. Hume)
Friday Night Special Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Friday Sicilian Unpublished (F. Herman)
Friendly Brooke Impropriety
Fringe Benefits Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Frisian Duck Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Frisian Knot Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
From Aberdeen Sharp 6
From Among Dragons Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
From Place To Place Potters' Porch (Herman)
Fumbler Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Furbelows and Apricocks Unpublished (F. Herman) / Seven Country Dances from the Dancing Master
G. Washington's Favorite Cotillion George Washington - A Biography (Keller)
Galloping Nag Retreads 5 (Bolton)
Galopede Community Dances Manual 2
Garden City Square Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Garter [Playford 1688] (F. Herman)
Gasconne [Feuillet/Essex 1710] (H. Cornelius)
Gathering Peascods Sharp 2
Gay Gadabout Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Gay Gordons Swing Partners (Clark)
Geirionydd Hunter's Moon (Cook)
General Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Gentleman Caller Hilary's Humours (Herbert)
Gentleman's Delight Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Geud Man of Ballangigh Sharp 6
Gigue for Genny Country Dance & Song 8
Girl's Best Friend Gems (CDSS)
Gladys' Galop Pat Shaw Collection 2
Gleaners Roles (R. Coxall)
Glendeven Unpublished (A. Dodson)
Go George Down Back o t' Shoddy (Pilling & Schofield)
Goathland Square Eight Community Dances Manual 6
Goddesses Sharp 2
Gold for the Mahieus Continental Capers (Callens)
Golden Browne Assembly 1993 (N. Broadbridge)
Golden Square Frolick (Town)
Gone for a Burton English Dance & Song (Summer '68)
Good Humor Dances with a Difference 3 (Hume)
Good Man of Cambridge Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Goodwin's Maggot Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Goose and the Gridiron Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Gower Wassail CDSS News 193
Gradely Lass Maggot Pie
Graduate Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Grandfather's Clock Gail's Maggots (G. Ticknor)
Gray's Inn Mask [Playford 1651] (H. Cornelius)
Great Turk, The
Green Leaves Potters' Porch (Herman)
Green Willow Maggot Pie
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace New Series (Kennedy)
Greenwich Park Sharp 6
Greeting New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Grimstock Sharp 2
Guardian Angels From Two Barns 2 (Sheffield)
Guinea Pig Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Gun CDS Boston News Dec. 89
Gunfleet Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Gypsy Round Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Hale Bopp Circle Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Halfe Hannikin Sharp 4
Halloween Triad Naked Truth (Herman)
Halsway Manners Unpublished (M. Devlin)
Halsway Sicilian Pat Shaw Collection 2
Hambleton's Round O Fallibroome 1
Hamburger Special Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Hampton Court New Dances for Old (Hume)
Handel Bars Unpublished (C. Kaynor)
Handel with Care Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Hang Sorrow Frolick (Town)
Haphazard Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Happy Blowing Unpublished (P. Callens)
Happy Captive Apted
Happy Clown Maggot Pie
Happy Pair Fallibroome 5
Hare Hatch Fallibroome 6
Hare's Maggot English Dance & Song (June '59)
Harlequin New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Harold's Delight Choice Morsels (Herman)
Harwood Hall Courtesy Turns (Bolton)
Haste to the Wedding Community Dances Manual 5, #20(3)
Haste to the Wedding (Hereford) Five Popular Country Dances (EFDSS)
Haymaker's Jig Community Dances Manual 4
Haymakers Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Haymakers (II) CDSS News 161
Head For the Hole Unpublished
Heading For Zero Dances From Barnes II
Health Sharp 4
Health to All Honest Men Choice Morsels (Herman)
Heart's Fancy Unpublished (S. McKinley)
Heartsease Sharp 4
Heather Towers Grand Master Dancing Master
Heathfield Rag Dances with a Difference 2 (Hume)
Heidenroeslein Pat Shaw Collection 2
Helena Dances with a Difference 3 (Hume)
Helene A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Helene's Night Out Hudson Barn
Henry's Hornpipe Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Henry's Other Hornpipe New Friends (Roodman)
Heralds in Love Unpublished (S. Goldschmidt)
Herne Bay Kentish Hops 1
Hessian Dance American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Heswall & West Kirby Jubilee Pat Shaw Collection 2
Hey Boys Up Go We Sharp 2
Hey Boys Up Go We (II) Unpublished (G. Christian)
Hey Ding a Ding Wrights' Humours
Heydaze Impropriety
Highland Lilt Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Hill House Country Dance & Song 4
Hit and Miss Sharp 4
Hit and/or Misse Unpublished (C. Helwig)
Holborn March Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Hole in the Wall New Series (Kennedy)
Holland's Ginn Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Hombey House [Walsh .... (P. Shaw)] (J. Schwab)
Home Again Impropriety
Homecoming Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Honeysuckle Cottage Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Honeywell Circle Callers' Choice 2
Hoop't Petticoat Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Hop Ground Kentish Hops (∑)
Hop Picker's Feast Kentish Hops 2
Horseplay Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Hortonia Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Hudson Barn Hudson Barn
Human Race Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Humors of Dublin Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Hunsdon House Sharp 3
Hunt the Squirrel Community Dances Manual 2
Huntington's Maggot Fallibroome 4
Huntsman's Chorus Dances of the Yorkshire Dales (Douglas)
Hyde Park Sharp 3
I Care Not For These Ladies Country Dance & Song 2
I Often For My Jenny Strove Fallibroome 2
I'm Atop of Tom Tickler's Ground [Johnson ....] (J. Schwab)
If All The World Were Paper Sharp 3
If I Had Maggie in the Wood Dances with a Difference 2 (Hume)
If Love's a Sweet Passion Purcell's Dancing Master (Broadbridge & Fennessy)
Impertinence Potters' Porch (Herman)
Impropriety Impropriety
In the Bleak Midwinter CDSS News 134
In the Fields in Frost and Snow Fallibroome 1
Indian Princess Dances with a Difference 2 (Hume)
Indian Queen Sharp 6
Indian Summer Unpublished (E. Goossen)
Innocent Merriment Potters' Porch (Herman)
Inspection Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Installation Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Intrigue Packington's Pound (Cook) (rev., H. Cornelius)
Introduction Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Irish Lady Sharp 3
Irish Lamentation Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Irish Lamentation (II) Assembly Player (cassette, N. Broadbridge)
Irish Trot Sharp 3
Irish Washerwoman by Thomas Wilson
Isle of Skylge English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Italian Disappointment Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Ivor's Ideal Choice Morsels (Herman)
Jack & Genny Potters' Porch (Herman)
Jack's Farewell Sharp 6
Jack's Health Country Dance & Song 5 / Legacy
Jack's Health (II) The Next Dance Is ... 2 (Photon Records)
Jack's Health (III) Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Jack's Maggot Sharp 6
Jack's the Lad Down Back o t' Shoddy (Pilling & Schofield)
Jacky Bull [Richmond Ball 1790] (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Jacob Hall's Jig Sharp 4
Jamaica Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Jamaica (II) Unpublished (G. Fogg)
Jamaica (III) Unpublished (C. Helwig)
Jamaica (IV) Unpublished (T. Cook)
Janet Murphy's Delight Dances with a Difference 3 (Hume)
Jaque Latin English Dances for the Dutch Court (Hendrickson)
Jenny Come Tie My Cravat Sharp 4
Jenny Come Tie My Cravat (II) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
Jenny Come Tye Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Jenny Pluck Pears Sharp 2
Jenny's Waltz Home Brewed (K. Alexander)
Jig for Gene Unpublished (K. Skrobela)
Jimmy Allen's Daughter Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Jockey Has Gotten a Wife Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Jockey's Jig Hunter's Moon (Cook)
John Tallis' Canon Pat Shaw Collection 2
John the Madman Fallibroome 2
Johnny Cock Thy Beaver Fallibroome 5
Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back Community Dances Manual 6
Jolly Cooper Fallibroome 4
Jolly Roger Dance with-in Tent (Butler & Brown)
Jolly Young Waterman Royal Galliard (Hutchinson, Town & Bradshaw)
Joseph's Idyll Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Joseph's Jig Pat Shaw Collection 2
Josephine Stafford Ruby Collection
Jovial Beggars Maggot Pie
Jovial Beggars (II) Retreads 4 (Bolton)
Joy after Sorrow Fallibroome 6
Joy of Dance Unpublished (C. Kaynor)
Joy of May Unpublished (J. Chapin)
Joyce's Jig Stafford Silver Collection
Jubilee at Eindhoven Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Jubilee Jig Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Jubilee Roundabout Community Dances Manual 6
Judi's Jig Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Juice of Barley Sharp 4
Julian's Jig by Linda Nelson and Loretta Holz
Juliana Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Jumping Joan Six Simple Country Dances (Shaw)
Jungle Room Jig CDS Boston News Dec. 87
Juno and Pallas Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Just A Going From Two Barns 3 (Sheffield)
K & E Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Karen's Joy Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Karen's Tuba Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Kate's Hornpipe Community Dances Manual 7
Katharine Street Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Kelsterne Gardens Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Kemp's Jig New Series (Kennedy)
Kensington Court Frolick (Town)
Kensington Court (II) Retreads 1 (Bolton)
Kensington Park Unidentified (E. Ferguson)
Kentish Cricketers Kentish Hops 1
Kentucky Breakdown Unpublished (E. Kenway)
Key to the Cellar Dances From Barnes II
Kill Him With Kindness Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Kind and Easey Emperor of the Moon (A. Shaw)
King of Poland Sharp 4
King St. Tryst Naked Truth (Herman)
King's Crown Unpublished (F. Herman)
King's Penny Maggot Pie
Kings Arms Assembly Fallibroome 6
Kingsail Assembly Player (cassette, N. Broadbridge)
Kitchen Triad Road to Ruin (Herman)
Kneeland Romp Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Knives and Forks Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Knole Park Kentish Hops 1
Knott Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Koepoort Galliard New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Kristoffan Fair Anonymous (R. Dommett)
La Bagatelle Griffiths Dances (Hendrickson)
La Belle Catherine American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
La Bonne Amitie [Feuillet 1706] (P. Shaw)
La Danse Galante English Dances for the Dutch Court (Hendrickson)
La Ronde Walpole Cottage CD liner notes (N. Broadbridge)
La Russe Community Dances Manual 2
Lacemaker CDSS News 147/148
Lady Dainty She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Lady Day New Series (Kennedy)
Lady in the Dark Sharp 3
Lady Spellor Sharp 3
Lady Williams' Delight CDSS News 115
Laisteridge Lane Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Lancashire Reel Anonymous (R. Whynot)
Lancaster Lasses Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Lane's Minuet Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Lanstram Wake [Johnson 1744] (J. Schwab)
Lass of Petty's Mill Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Lass of Richmond Hill Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Lasses of Portsmouth Apted
Laura's Waltz Unpublished (D. Macemon & C. Stenger)
Laurelhurst Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Le Debauche [Johnson 1757] (L. Andres)
Leah's Waltz Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Leather Lake House Country Dance & Song 5
Leaving of Liverpool Ring o´ Bells Barn Dance Saturday Night
Legacy Waltz CDSS News 68
Les Manches Vertes Six Simple Country Dances (Shaw)
Leslie's Maggot Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Leslie's Valentine Early One Morning (S. Higgs)
Levi Jackson Rag Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Levi Jackson Rag (II) English Dance & Song (April/May '89)
Liberty Long Odds (Woods)
Lichfield Sunday Unpublished (F. Herman)
Liesbeth's Double Five English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Lilli Burlero Sharp 4
Lilypad Island Hudson Barn II
Lincoln or Bolton Choice Morsels (Herman)
Lindsay Rant Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Little Ben [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
Little Hunsdon Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Little Nightingale New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Live Oak Circle
Log Cabin CDSS News 94
London Assembly From Two Barns 4 (Sheffield)
London Bridge Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
London Gentlewoman Retreads 2 (Bolton)
London House [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
London is a Fine Town Sharp 2
Long Live London Pat Shaw Collection 2
Long Odds Long Odds (Woods)
Long Pond Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Longevity Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Longfellow Wink Hudson Barn
Look Both Ways CDSS News 88
Lord Anson for Ever Fallibroome 3
Lord Frog Potters' Porch (Herman)
Lord How's Jig Apted
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig Sharp 3
Lord Phoppington Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Lords and Ladies Not Quite New (Stapledon) (by Jan Dale)
Love and a Bottle Fallibroome 2
Love and a Bottle (II) Emperor of the Moon (A. Shaw)
Love in a Village American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Love Lies A-Bleeding Sharp 4
Love Port and Sherry CDSS News 153
Love's Triumph Fallibroome 1
Love's Triumph (II) Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Lovely Nancy Insert for Bare Necessities' CD, Simple Pleasures
Lover's Farewell New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Lover's Knot, The Gems (CDSS)
Lover's Luck P. Shaw Pinewoods Notes
Loxley Figure Eight English Dance & Song (Summer '67)
Lull Me Beyond Thee Sharp 3
MacFrisian Waltz English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Mad Robin Sharp 6
Madeira Dream CDSS News 192
Mage on a Cree Sharp 2
Maggie's Waltz Square Website: Colin Hume
Magnificent Seven Dances From Around Berkshire (R. Archer)
Magnolia Wedding Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Maid in the Moon Sharp 6
Maid Peeped Out at the Window Sharp 6
Maid's Delight Frolick (Town)
Maid's Last Wish Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Maid's Morris Sharp 4
Maiden Fair Unpublished (S. Pfefferle)
Maiden Lane Sharp 3
Maiden Moor Spoil the Broth (Cook)
Maidstone Hall Kentish Hops 4
Maine Chance Unpublished (M. Fager)
Mall Peatly Sharp 6
Marching to Praetorius Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Margaret's Waltz Pat Shaw Collection 2
Margate Assembly Kentish Hops 3
Marina Website:
Marlborough's Victory Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Mars and Venus Fallibroome 4
Martial Baron Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Mary and Dorothy Sharp 4
Mary K Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Mary's Malteaser High Jenks (Jenkins)
Matching Pair Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Matelot The Next Dance Is ... (Photon Records)
Mavis Sweetly Sings Fringe Benefits (Herman)
May in the Hague New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Mayfair New Dances for Old (Hume)
Measure for Margaret Occasions (Bolton)
Measured Obsession Potters' Porch (Herman)
Medley Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Meillionen Welsh Traditional (R. Moir)
Mendocino Redwoods by Mary Devlin, Bob Fraley and Elizabeth Zekley
Merifest Central Square Dances with a Difference 4 (Hume)
Merrilly We Dance and Sing Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Merrily on High Unpublished (S. Green)
Merry Andrew Maggot Pie
Merry Boyce and Girls Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Merry Companion Fallibroome 2
Merry Conceit Sharp 3
Merry Conclusion Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance (A. Shaw)
Merry Girls of Epsom English Dance & Song 38 (Spring '76)
Merry Girls of Maidstone Fallibroome 3
Merry Hop Choice Morsels (Herman)
Merry Meeting Apted
Merry Merry Milkmaids Sharp 3
Merry Milkmaids in Green Anonymous (H. Budnick)
Merry Pair Country Dance & Song 2
Merry Salopians Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Michael and all Angels Potters' Porch (Herman)
Midnight Ramble [Thompson 1773] (G. Fogg)
Midwinter Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Milkmaid's Bob [Playford 1651] (C. Bolton)
Mill Hill Unpublished (N. Barrel)
Millennium Morn Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Millison's Jig [Playford 1651] (H. Cornelius)
Minor Spaniard Dances From Barnes II
Miss Anderson's Allemande Pat Shaw Collection 2
Miss Barrett's Waltz Fallibroome 4
Miss Bedlington's Fancy Pat Shaw Collection 2
Miss de Jersey's Memorial Pat Shaw Collection 2
Miss Nancy's Delight Fallibroome 3
Miss Sayer's Allemande Fallibroome 1
Miss Silvie's Delight Fallibroome 6
Miss Spark's Maggot Fallibroome 3
Mistwold CDSS News 113
Mme. President Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Mock Hobby Horse Sharp 4
Mock Match Maggot Pie
Mock Match (II) Retreads 3 (Bolton)
Moggy Lauther Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Molly Andrew Impropriety
Money in Both Pockets Early American Dances (Morrison)
Monica's Delight Pat Shaw Collection 2
Moniek's Maggot Purcell Notes (N. Broadbridge)
Monks March with the Wanders Fallibroome 1
Monks Orchard Rant English Dance & Song 37 (Spring '75)
Moonfleet Dances with a Difference 4 (Hume)
Moorgate New Dances for Old (Hume)
Morden Reel Callers' Choice 1
More the Merrier New Series (Kennedy)
Morecambe Bay Pat Shaw Collection 2
Morpeth Rant Community Dances Manual 1
Mortsel Circle Continental Capers (Callens)
Mount Hills Fallibroome 2
Mover and Shaker Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Mr. Bach's Gavotte A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Sharp 6
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot (II) P. Shaw Pinewoods Notes
Mr. Bolton's Fancy More Optimistic Dances (Bolton)
Mr. Cosgill's Delight New Series (Kennedy)
Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe Sharp 6
Mr. Foster's Frolic Potters' Porch (Herman)
Mr. Ganiford's Delight Not Quite Gold (Bolton)
Mr. Ganiford's Maggot Pat Shaw Collection 2
Mr. Handel's Gigue Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Mr. Heath's Dance Retreads 7 (Bolton)
Mr. Isaac's Maggot Sharp 4
Mr. Jensen's Gift Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Mr. John Bremer's Return to Pinewoods Hudson Barn II
Mr. Lane's Maggot [Playford .... ] (P. Shaw)
Mr. Merrill's Maggot CDSS News 95
Mr. Motley's St. James Naked Truth (Herman)
Mr. Mozart's Rant Dances with a Difference 2 (Hume)
Mr. Shaw's Canon Pat Shaw Collection 2
Mr. Walker Growls Potters' Porch (Herman)
Mr. Young's Delight Purcell's Dancing Master (Broadbridge & Fennessy)
Mrs. Beveridge's Triumph Unpublished (Beverly Francis and Susan Amessé)
Mrs. Hill's Dance Fallibroome 1
Mrs. Pike's Maggot What's New (Bolton)
Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane More of the Same (Bolton)
Mrs. Savage's Whim Fallibroome 1
Muddling Through Maine Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Mulberry Garden Sharp 6
Mumping Maid Maggot Pie
Muriel's Measure CDSS News 124
Muschamp's Maggot Pat Shaw Collection 2
Mutual Love Apted
My Boy Jogs (Coxall)
My Lady Cullen Sharp 2
My Lady Foster's Delight Sharp 6
My Lady Winwood's Maggot Sharp 4
Mylecharane Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Nampwich Fair The Next Dance Is ... (Photon Records)
Nan's Waltz Pat Shaw Collection 2
Nancy's Fancy Sharp 1
Nassau Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Neal's Maggot Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Neat, Mr. John Road to Ruin (Herman)
Neck or Nothing From Two Barns 4 (Sheffield)
Never Love Thee More Sharp 6
New Beginning Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
New Figary Sharp 3
New Friends Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
New Harbor
New Man-Tiger Retreads 6 (Bolton)
New New Nothing [Playford 1651] (H. Cornelius)
New Princess Royal From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
New Russia Dance Griffiths Dances (Hendrickson)
New Whitehall Purcell's Dancing Master (Broadbridge & Fennessy)
New Year's Day in the Morning Fallibroome 3
New York Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
New York (II) Unpublished (R. Jackson)
New York Times Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Newcastle Sharp 2
Newmarket Lass Retreads 5 (Bolton)
News from Tripoly Seven Country Dances (Simons)
Nibs Goes West Pat Shaw Collection 2
Nick's Maggot More of the Same (Bolton)
Night Cap Maggot Pie
Night Piece Sharp 6
Nine Tailors Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Nobody's Jig New Series (Kennedy)
Noisette Seasons of Invention (Callens)
Nomad Waltz Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Nonesuch Sharp 2
Nonesuch (II) Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Nonesuch (III) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
Nonsuch Cottage Occasions (Bolton)
Norfolk Long Dance Community Dances Manual 2
North Country Waltz English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Northbourne Hop Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Northdown Waltz Kentish Hops 3
Northern Nancy New Series (Kennedy)
Not to be Trusted Unpublished (S. Beardslee)
Nottingham Swing Community Dances Manual 2
Now is the Month of Maying CDSS News 147
Nowill Hills Sharp 6
Nydac Triad Road to Ruin (Herman)
Nymph Divine Seven Country Dances (Simons)
O Susato CDSS News 155
Oaken Leaves Sharp 4
Oakenrod House Fallibroome Garden (Bentley)
Oglebay Hornpipe Unpublished (G. Fogg)
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be Callers' Choice 2
Oil the Locks Hudson Barn
Old Batchelor Seven Country Dances (Simons)
Old Boot Maggot Pie
Old Friends Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Old Hob She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Old Jubilee From Two Barns 2 (Sheffield)
Old Mill Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Old Mole Sharp 3
Old Noll's Jig Sharp 6
Old Wife Behind the Fire Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Old Wigg Wrights' Humours 2
Olive Grove Unpublished (E. Beckingham)
Oliver's Maggot Cantii Collection (Winskill)
On Wittman's Golden Floor Impropriety
Once a Night Apted
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair [Playford 1651] (H. Cornelius)
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair (II) [Playford 1651] (P. Shaw)
Opal Circle Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Orange Nan [Walsh 1713] (J. Schwab)
Oranges and Lemons Sharp 2
Ore Boggy Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Orlabear's Maggot [Walsh ....] (J. Morrison)
Orleans Baffled Sharp 4
Orly Triumphant Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Orly's Waltz Unpublished (V. Skowronski)
Ormond House New Series (Kennedy)
Osburn Place Assembly [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
Oswestry Square Four Welsh Barn Dances (G. Williams)
Oswestry Wake Seven Country Dances (Simons)
Our English Dancing Master Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Over the Hills and Far Away American Dances (Keller & Sweet)
Over the Hills to Glory Sharp 1
Oxford Circus New Dances for Old (Hume)
OXO Reel Callers' Choice 2
P. S. Jubilee Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Paddywack Unidentified (P. Shaw)
Painted Chamber From Two Barns 3 (Sheffield)
Painting the Orphan Unpublished (L. Nelson, P. Levitt & R. Sutter)
Pamela's Pleasure Flights of Fancy (Crouch)
Parnham House New Dances for Old (Hume)
Parson upon Dorothy Retreads 6 (Bolton)
Parson's Cap Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Parson's Farewell Sharp 2
Parthenia Maggot Pie
Parting Lovers Apted
Party at Zeist Triple Dutch (Hogendijk, van Brakel & Krug)
Pat's Tradition English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Patrick Noel Naked Truth (Herman)
Patrick's Waltz Continental Capers (Callens)
Paul's Alley Fallibroome 1
Peace Be With You Choice Morsels (Herman)
Pembroke Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Pen-Gwen Galop Unpublished (P. Shaw)/(C. Towns)
Penny Royal Triad Road to Ruin (Herman)
Pentonville Five The Country Dance Club Book (R. Stirrup)
Perpetual Motion Not Quite New (Stapledon)
Peter and Peggy Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Phil-harmonic Hudson Barn
Philadelphia Heritage Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Phoenix Sharp 3
Phoenix Rejuvenated Pat Shaw Collection 3
Physical Snob Fallibroome 1
Picking Up Sticks Sharp 4
Pilgrim Fallibroome 2
Pilgrim's Progress Devonian Double Circle (Andrews)
Pine Cones Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Pine Needles Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Pinks and Lilies Fallibroome 4
Pins and Needles Community Dances Manual 3
Pint of Derby Road to Ruin (Herman)
Plant Anxiety Hudson Barn II
Planting the May New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Playing in the Field Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Pleasures of the Town Apted
Ploughboy Community Dances Manual 5
Polka Dots Devonian Double Circle (Andrews)
Ponderosa Pine Serendipity (F. Herman)
Pontius Pilate's Rant Packington's Pound (Cook)
Pool Hall Unpublished (B. Sayler)
Pool's Hole Sharp 4
Poor Shepherd in Love Naked Truth (Herman)
Porch and Rail Choice Morsels (Herman)
Port Royal Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Portabella Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Portsmouth P. Shaw Pinewoods Notes
Portsmouth (II) Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Portsmouth (III) Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Pride of Newcastle Pat Shaw Collection 3
Pride of the Dingle Potters' Porch (Herman)
Prince Charles [Walsh ....] (J. Schwab)
Prince Edward's Jig Retreads 4 (Bolton)
Prince Garden English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Prince George's Birthday Road to Ruin (Herman)
Prince William Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Prince William's Return Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Prince Wm. of Gloucester's Waltz Playford Ball (Shimer & Keller)
Princess Sharp 6
Princess Royal Pat Shaw Collection 3
Princess Royal (II) Unpublished (P. Talbot)
Princesse Amillia English Dances for the Dutch Court (Hendrickson)
Puck's Deceit CDSS News 145
Punch Bowl CDSS News 101
Pursuit Road to Ruin (Herman)
Put In All Fallibroome 2
Putney Ferry Sharp 2
Quaker's Wife Community Dances Manual 7
Queen of Sheba Maggot Pie
Queen Victoria Country Dance Community Dances Manual 7
Queen's Birthday Country Dance & Song 3
Queen's Birthday (II) Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Queen's Head [Playford 1702] (E. Wilfert)
Queen's Jig Sharp 6
Quick Romp in the Hey, A Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Quite Carried Away Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Quo Vadis Naked Truth (Herman)
Rafe's Waltz CDSS News 132
Ragg Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Rakes of Rochester Kentish Hops 3
Ramsgate Assembly Kentish Hops 4
Randolph Farewell Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Real Princess Pat Shaw Collection 3
Recruiting Officer Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Recruiting Officer (II) [Kynaston 1716?] (P. Callens)
Red and All Red Retreads 5 (Bolton)
Red House New Series (Kennedy)
Red House (II) Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Redding Fair Unpublished (P. Barnes)
Reel of the Ballymore Callers' Choice 1
Reluctant Recruit Packington's Pound (Cook)
Renata Dances with a Difference 5 (Hume)
Responce CDSS News 125
Retiring Fellow Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Return to Laisteridge Lane Website: Gary Roodman
Revellee From Two Barns 6 (Sheffield)
Review Wrights' Humours
Rifleman Community Dances Manual 3
Rinaldo Antwerp Antics (P. Callens)
Road to Ruin Road to Ruin (Herman)
Road to Youth Playford From The New World (R. Galloway & S. Smith)
Robb's Reel Unpublished (R. Zekin)
Roberts World of Fun (R. Higgs)
Robin's Round Dance with-in Tent (Butler & Brown)
Rockingham Castle New Series (Kennedy)
Roger's Reel Potters' Porch (Herman)
Room for Ramblers Road to Ruin (Herman)
Rosamond's Pond Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Rose of Rochester Kentish Hops 4
Rose of Sharon Potters' Porch (Herman)
Rose Tree Seven Midland Dances (EFDSS)
Rose without a Thorn Website: M. Barraclough (V. Skowronski)
Roses in Bloom CDSS News 106
Rossmore Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Rostillion Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Round Sharp 6
Round About Our Coal Fire Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Round O Sharp 6
Round Pond Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Row Well Ye Mariners Retreads 6 (Bolton)
Rowen High Jenks (Jenkins)
Rowena's Waltz A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Rowling Eye New Series (Kennedy)
Roxburgh Castle Community Dances Manual 6
Royal Albert Community Dances Manual 7
Royal Galliard Royal Galliard (Hutchinson, Town & Bradshaw)
Royal Navy Royal Galliard (Hutchinson, Town & Bradshaw)
Rufty Tufty Sharp 2
Rural Felicity From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
Rural Sports Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Russian Dance Ashover Dances (EFDS, Sheffield)
Sadler's Wells New Series (Kennedy)
Safe Haven CDSS News 168
Sailor's Delight Royal Galliard (Hutchinson, Town & Bradshaw)
Sally from Poland New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Sally in our Alley CDSS News 154
Salt of the Earth Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Salutation Assembly Player (cassette, N. Broadbridge)
Salute to Preston Dances of Brian Wedgbury
Sarah Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn Sharp 6
Saucy Sailor Maggot Pie
School for Scandal Apted
Scotch Cap Sharp 4
Scotch Measure Road to Ruin (Herman)
Scotch Morris Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Scottish Contra Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Sellenger's Round Sharp 4
Seven Stars Unpublished (C. Andrews)
Severn Bore Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Shandy Hall Not Quite Playford (Eccles)
Shawberry Park James Alexander's Notebook
Shawbury Park Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
She Rose and Let Me In Packington's Pound (Cook)
She That Washes a Monday Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Shepherd's Daughter Sharp 6
Shepherd's Holiday Sharp 3
Shepherd's Holiday (II) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
Shetland Isles Dance Unidentified (H. Cornelius)
Shoomaker Row Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Short and Sweet Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Short and the Tall Jogs (Coxall)
Shortest Day Unpublished (S. Dupré)
Shrewsbury Lasses Apted
Shropshire Galop Pat Shaw Collection 3
Shropshire Lass Fallibroome 4
Shropshire Lass (II) Anonymous (J. Schwab)
Sibyl's Roundabout English Dance & Song (Spring '72)
Sicilian Circle Generic [e.g., CDM 5] (G. Fogg)
Sicilian Dance From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
Sidbury Reel Traditional (J. Morrison)
Siege of Limerick Sharp 6
Silver Celebration Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Silver City Reel Anonymous (C. Towns)
Silver for the Matthews Pat Shaw Collection 3
Silver Primrose Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Simple Gifts Not Quite Shaw (by H. Laufman)
Sion House Sharp 6
Sion House (II) Packington's Pound (Cook)
Sir Watkin's Jig Retreads 1 (Bolton)
Six and Sixpenny Rant English Dance & Song (Winter '70)
Skipping Det Continental Capers (Callens)
Slaughter House Sharp 6
Sleeping in the Attic High Jenks (Jenkins)
Sleepless Swain New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Slip Sharp 6
Slockit Light Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Slof Galliard New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Smithy Hill Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Softly Good Tummas She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Soho Square CDSS News 108
Soldier's Joy Community Dances Manual 1
Soldier's Joy (II) Heathfield Dances (Downing)
Some Say the Devil's Dead Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Somerset House Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Songs of the Harpist Not Quite the Same / Blind Harper Dances
Sophie's Waltz Unpublished (S. Pfefferle)
Sounds of Summer Potters' Porch (Herman)
Southwind English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Spaniard Apted
Spanish Jig New Series (Kennedy)
Sparkling and Still CDSS News 142
Sparkling Eyes Naked Truth (Herman)
Speed the Plough Sharp 1
Splendid Shilling Fallibroome 3
Sprigs of Laurel Fallibroome 5
Spring Naked Truth (Herman)
Spring Garden Sharp 3
Spring Wedding People and Places (Bolton)
Square Waltz Early One Morning (Higgs)
St. Andrew's Assembly Fallibroome 6
St. Bernard's Waltz Old Time Couple Dances (Folkways Records)
St. Brides Fallibroome 1
St. Catherine [Playford 1701] (G. Christian)
St. George's Day Occasions (Bolton)
St. Giles' Pound Fallibroome 4
St. Katherine's Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
St. Margaret's Hill Fallibroome 1
St. Martin's Sharp 2
St. Martin's Lane CDSS News 80
St. Patrick's Day [Richmond Ball 1790] (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Stapledonia Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Star of Kintra Website: by Trevor Monson (on Colin Hume's website) and The Country Dance Club Book
Star of the East Unpublished (L. Lassetter)
Steamboat Community Dances Manual 1
Step Stately Sharp 4
Step Stately (II) Playford with a Difference (Hume)
Stepping Stones Spoil the Broth (Cook)
Stingo CDSS News 78
Stitcher's Birthday Unpublished (J. Mark & S. Duncan)
Stockport Assembly A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Stoke Golding Country Dance Community Dances Manual 5
Stony Point [Richmond Ball 1790] (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Storrow House Gems (CDSS)
Streets of Laredo Community Dances Manual 6
Sudeley Gate Unpublished (J. Blomfield)
Summer Reverie Website: Colin Hume
Sun Assembly From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
Sunlight Through Draperies CDSS News 177
Sweet Hope [Virginia Collection 1784] (G. Fogg)
Sweet Rosie Red New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Swiss Allemande [Virginia Collection 1784] (G. Fogg)
Sybil's Au Revoir Pat Shaw Collection 3
Sylph Community Dances Manual 2
T & D Hudson Barn
Take a Dance Wrights' Humours
Tambourine Dance [Walsh ....] (J. Schwab)
Tatler Road to Ruin (Herman)
Tempest (Wiltshire) Community Dances Manual 3
Temple Change Sharp 4
Ten Pound Lass Sharp 2
Ten Year Tested Dances with a Difference 3 (Hume)
Terpsichore Not All My Own Work (Bolton)
Terpsichore Waltz AADS News (Nov. '93)
Terpsicourante A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Terry's Triad Serendipity (F. Herman)
Texel Island Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Thady You Gander Community Dances Manual 2
Thames Valley Diamond Pat Shaw Collection 3
Thank You Very Much A Score Of Squares (R. Beeson)
This Great World's a Trouble Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Thora's Surprise Pat Shaw Collection 3
Three Ladies Yard English or Double Dutch (Hogendijk)
Three Meet Community Dances Manual 3
Three Sea Captains Pat Shaw Collection 3
Thursday Mixer Unpublished (F. Herman)
Tic-Tac-Toe English Dance & Song 54 (Autumn '92)
Tink a Tink Dommett's Morris Notes 5
Titania New Dances for Old (Hume)
Tod's Assembly Again Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Tod's Assembly (II) Unpublished (J. Schwab)
Tom Jones Wrights' Humours 2
Tom Pate Community Dances Manual 6
Top and Bottom Fallibroome 4
Topaz Fallibroome 3
Touchstone Apted
Touchstone (II) Unpublished (C. Walker)
Tourbillion English Dances for the Dutch Court (Hendrickson)
Treacherous Lover New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Treasure of the Big Woods, The CDSS News 198
Trip o'er Tweed Fallibroome 2
Trip to Amsterdam CDSS News 104
Trip to Bagshot [Thompson 1793] (G. Fogg)
Trip to Barbados Unpublished (D. Bainbridge/B. Friendly)
Trip to Canterbury Kentish Hops 4
Trip to Chelsea Unpublished (C. & J. Millar)
Trip to Dublin Apted
Trip to Greene Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Trip to Hexham People and Places (Bolton)
Trip to Highgate Apted
Trip to Holy-Well, A Emperor of the Moon (A. Shaw)
Trip to Kilburn Sharp 4
Trip to Macclesfield Dances of Brian Wedgbury
Trip to Mortsel Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Trip to Orpington Pat Shaw Collection 3
Trip to Paris New Series (Kennedy)
Trip to Richmond Wrights' Humours 2
Trip to Richmond (II) English Dance & Song (Autumn '66)
Trip to Ridgewood Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Trip to San Jose Website: M. Barraclough (D. Schmit & S. McKinley)
Trip to Teddington Naked Truth (Herman)
Trip to the Camp Come Let's Be Merry, 1st Ed. (Cook)
Trip to the Fens Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Trip to the Jubilee [Feuillet/Essex 1710] (H. Cornelius)
Trip to the Manors A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Trip to the Mills Dutch Crossing (Tent)
Trip to Town-O Impropriety
Trip to Tunbridge Kentish Hops 1
Trip to Uxbridge Dances with a Difference 1 (Hume)
Trip to Virginia Fallibroome 3
Trip to Weymouth Dommett's Morris Notes 5
Trip to Wimbleton From Two Barns 2 (Sheffield)
Triumph Sharp 1
Triumph (II) Community Dances Manual 5
Triumph (III) [NLS MS 3860 1818] (C. Walker)
True Felicity [Richmond Ball 1790] (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
True Kit Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Trumpet Vine Pat Shaw's Pinewoods
Tryphena's Treat Flights of Fancy (Crouch)
Tunbridge Beauties Kentish Hops 3
Tunbridge Frisk From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
Tunbridge Walks Fallibroome 2
Turn of the Tide CDSS News 169
Turning by Threes Finite Set of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Turning of the Year CDSS News 152
Twelve Days of Christmas CDSS News 79
Twelve Reel Pat Shaw Collection 3
Twenty Something Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Twin Sisters Five Popular Country Dances (EFDSS)
Twins Come Let's Be Merry (Cook)
Twist of Fate Dances with a Difference 1 (Hume)
Two Cousins Dutch Crossing (Tent)
Two Score and More Unpublished (R. Jackson)
Two Score Years Naked Truth (Herman)
Union Jigg Fallibroome 2
Unionville Square Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Unrequited Love Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Up on a Lofty Mountain New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Up the Sides and Down the Middle Community Dances Manual 7
Up with Aily Sharp 6
Up With Aily (9/8)
Up with the Orange Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Upon a Morning Breeze Additional Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Upon a Summer's Day Sharp 3
Valentine Courtesy Turns (Bolton)
Valentine's Day Choice Morsels (Herman)
Veseyan Vesey Collection (Wright)
Vic's Maggot Unpublished (O. Krasner)
Vicar of Wakefield Unpublished (G. Christian)
Vienna Fallibroome 2
Vintage 38 Enchanted Place (Heywood)
Virgin of 15 Years Country Dances from Colonial New York (K. Keller & G. Fogg)
Virginia Reel Community Dances Manual 1
Virgins Frolic Fallibroome 5
Vivaldi in Paradise Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Volpony Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Volpony (II) Belgian Boutades (Callens)
Volpony (III) Unpublished (G. Christian)
Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do Purcell, Playford and the English Country Dance (Helwig & Barron)
Waggoner Wrights' Humours
Wakefield Hunt Hunter's Moon (Cook)
Walcheren Waltz Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Wallington Diamond Jubilee English Dance & Song (Autumn '93)
Walls of Winchester From Two Barns 7 (Sheffield)
Walpole Cottage Pat Shaw Collection 3
Waltham Abbey A Number of Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Walton Abbey Unpublished (interp. by Graham Christian)
Waltz Cotillion Community Dances Manual 7
Waltz Country Dance Community Dances Manual 1
Waterfall Waltz Pat Shaw Collection 3
Waters of Holland New Wine in Old Bottles (Shaw)
Waverley Ahoy! Hilary's Humours 2 (H. Herbert)
Way to Norwich New Series (Kennedy)
Ways of the World Heritage Dances of Early America (Page)
Weavers Waltz Half a Dozen from East Sussex (Kaley)
Wedding New Series (Kennedy)
Wedding of Mai and David Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Wedding Ring Unpublished (L. Jensen)
Wedding Waltz Unpublished (C. Hume)
Weevil Unpublished (R. Hudson)
Welcome Home New Dances for Old (Hume)
Well Done, Jack She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Well Hall Twenty Four Country Dances (van Cleef)
Well's Humor Purcell, Playford and the English Country Dance (Helwig & Barron)
Well's Humor (II) Unpublished (G. Christian)
Westmorland Fallibroome 2
Westward Bound Antwerp Antics (P. Callens)
What Shall We Do With The Baby-O Hudson Barn
Whately Barn Prime Calculated Figures (Roodman)
When Laura Smiles CDSS News 164
Wherever She Goes Fringe Benefits (Herman)
Whim Sharp 4
Whimbleton House New Series (Kennedy); Potters' Porch (Herman)*
Whirl It About From Two Barns 7 (Sheffield)
Whirligig Sharp 4
Whirligig's Last Bow Pat Shaw Collection 3
Whish Sharp 6
Whiskers She Favourite (A. Shaw)
Whiskey Before Dinner Odd Calculated Figures (Roodman)
White Cockade Heathfield Dances (Downing)
Whitecliff Bay Waltz Unpublished (C. Kaley)
Whitney's Farewell [Playford 1695] (P. Callens)
Wibsey Roundabout Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Wickering Wench Maggot Pie
Wild Boar's Maggot Fallibroome 5
Willow Tree Everyday Dances (EFDSS)
Willy Nilly Dances From Barnes II
Wiltshire Reel Community Dances Manual 5
Winsor Knot Pat Shaw Collection 3
Winster Galop Community Dances Manual 2
Winter Dreams Waltz Sum Further Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Winter Memories English Dance & Song 58 (Spring '96)
Winter Solstice English Dance & Song 58 (Autumn '96)
Winter Waltz Blind Harper Dances
Withywind Maggot Pie
Wives' Victory Bray's Dances (Helwig & Barron)
Wolverton Hall CDSS News 135/136
Wood Duck Pinewoods Fund Dance Collection (Herman)
Wooden Shoes Not Quite Dutch (Eccles)
Woodlark Road to Ruin (Herman)
Woodstock Park Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance (A. Shaw)
Woodycock [Playford 1651] (H. Cornelius)
Wooing Mairi Gems (CDSS)
Woolly and Georgey The Next Dance Is ... 2 (Photon Records)
Working Masons in Merlin Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Would You Have a Young Virgin Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance (A. Shaw)
Wrights of Lichfield Multiple Calculated Figures (Roodman)
Y2K Unpublished (F. Herman)
Yellow Stockings Neal Collection (Fogg & Jackson)
Yola's Invitation Ease and Elegance (Herman)
Yorkshire Square Community Dances Manual 2
Young Man's Fancy Maggot Pie
Young Phyllis [Walsh 1712] (J. Schwab)
Young Widow Early American Dances (Morrison)
Young's Wisdom From Two Barns 1 (Sheffield)
Zealand Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance (Shaw)
Zephyr and Neptune Potters' Porch (Herman)
Zephyrs and Flora Fallibroome 2
Zorinsky [Preston 179-] (J. Schwab)