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Dance Demonstrations at NEFFA

1944, October 28    Lads a Bunchum*, Morpeth Rant, Newcastle, Flamborough Sword    Boston YWCA
1945, October 27    Trunkles*, Childgrove, Hey Boys Up Go We, Newcastle    YWCA
1946, November 16    Amarillis, Once a Night, Flamborough Sword    YWCA
1947, November 15    Double Lead Through, Chelsea Reach, Winlaton Sword    YWCA
1948    (no festival - moved to spring)     
1949, April 24    Country Gardens, Amarillis, Gathering Peascods, Escrick Sword    YWCA
1950, May 7    The Bishop, Picking Up Sticks    YWCA
1951, March 31    Corn Rigs, Fandango, Newcastle, Nonesuch    MIT
1952, April 26    Rodney*, Hey Boys Up Go We, Dargason, Morpeth Rant    Worcester
1953, April 25    Lads a Bunchum*, Childgrove, Newcastle, Step Stately    Worcester
1954, April 9    Ampleforth (sword), Picking Up Sticks, Royton (Northwest)*    Tufts
1955, April 2    Apley House, The Corporation, St. Martins, Leap Frog (Fieldtown)*    Tufts
1956, April 21    Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Spring Garden, Once a Night, Shooting (Brackley)*    Worcester
1957, April 5    Nonesuch, The Queen's Jig, Step Stately, Constant Billy*    Exeter NH
1958, April 11    Lilli Bulero, The Old Mole, Lads a Bunchum*, Trunkles*    Tufts
1959, April 25    Helston Furry, Lumps of Plum Pudding*, Durham Reel, Picking Up Sticks, Leap Frog (Fieldtown)*, Green Garters (off)*    Tufts
1960, May 25    Childgrove, St. Martins, Sleights (sword)    Exeter NH
1961, March 5    Winlaton (sword), The Bishop, Step Stately, Lads a Bunchum    Tufts
1962, April 13    Newbiggen (sword), Amarillis, Shrewsbury Lasses, Trunkles (Bledington)*    Bridgewater State College
1963, April 27    Old Noll's Jig, The Boatman, Morpeth Rant, Queen's Delight*    Lowell
1964, April 24    Cottey House, The French Ambassador, High Spen (sword), Swaggering Boney*    Manchester NH
1965, April 24    Apley House, The Boatman, Sherborne Jig*    Saugus
1966, April 16    Greenwillow, The Corporation, Old Trunkles*    No. Kingston RI
1967, April 22    Prince William, Argeers, Old Woman Tossed Up*    Natick
1968, April 19    Up With Aily, The Russian Dance, Queen's Delight*    Natick
1969, May 10    Nobody's Jigg, The Doldrum, Lads a Bunchum*    Natick
1970, April 18    Chelmsford Assembly, The Jovial Beggars, Highland Mary*    Natick
1971, May 15    John Tallis' Canon, Picking Up Sticks, Queen's Delight*    Wrentham
1972, April 21    Amarillis, Jack's Health, Old Woman Tossed Up*, Ring of Bells*    Wellesley H.S.
1973, April 6    A Trip to Orpington, Mr. Ganiford's Maggot, Black Joker*    Brockton H.S.
1974, April 20    St. Margaret's Hill, Cottey House, Upton on Severn*, Step Back (Fieldtown)*    Natick
1975, April 27    Morpeth Rant, Ah Belinda, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot    Natick
1976, April 24    Gathering Peascods, Old Mole, Bath Carnival    Natick
1977, April 24    Mr. Isaac's Maggot, The Night Cap, Thames Valley Diamond    Natick
1978, April 22    Helene's Night Out, Dull Sir John, The Triumph    Natick
1979, April 21    Up With Aily, Green Willow, Monk's Orchard Rant    Natick
1980, April 27    Speed the Plough, Bare Necessities, Dublin Bay    Natick
1981, April 25    Easter Thursday, Chelsea Reach, A Trip to Ridgewood    Natick
1982, April 25    The Spring, St. Andrews Assembly, Old Noll's Jig    Natick
1983, April 23    Armstrong's Waltz, A Trip to the Jubilee, The Hop Picker's Feast    Natick
1984, April 15    Fain I Would, Bonnie Cate, Round Pond    Natick
1985, April 20    Sun Assembly, St. Martins, Miss De Jersey's Memorial    Natick
1986, April 27    Kelsterne Gardens, Room for Ramblers, Newcastle    Natick
1987, April 25    All Saints' Day, St. Margaret's Hill, Elverton Grove    Natick
1988, April 24    The Punch Bowl, Farewell to Plymouth, The Flowers of Edinborough    Natick
1989, April 23    The Bonny Cuckoo, Bellamira, Rural Sports    Natick
1990, April 22    Bath Carnival, Nonesuch Cottage, Round About Our Coal Fire    Natick
1991, April 21    A Gigue for Genny, The Wood Duck, Old Noll's Jig    Natick
1992, April 26    Smithy Hill, Dublin Bay, St. Andrew's Assembly    Natick
1993, April 25    Green Willow, Amarillis, The Night Cap    Natick
1994, April 24    Mayfair, Miss de Jersey's Memorial, Newcastle    Natick
1995, April 23    Sun Assembly, A New Beginning, The First Lady    Natick
1996, April 21    Mr. Isaac's Maggot, The Installation, Storrow House    Natick
1997, April 27    Hudson Barn, The Night Cap, Bellamira    Natick
1998, April 26    Hambleton's Round O, Cumberland Square, Face the Music    Natick
1999, April 25    Astoria Lass, The Goose and the Gridiron, Bartlett House    Natick
2000, April 16    The Wrights of Lichfield, Nottingham Swing, Picking Up Sticks    Natick
2001, April 21    The Homecoming, Winter Solstice, Leather Lake House    Natick
2002, April 21    Elizabeth, The Corporation, The Merry Conclusion    Natick
2003, April 27    Softly Good Tummas, Step Stately, Mary K    Natick
2004, April 25    Mr. Isaac's Maggot, Gigue for Genny, Stepping Stones    Natick
2005, April 10    Companions, Love & A Bottle, Sally in Our Alley    Natick
2006, April 23    Cadgers' Caper, The Merry Salopians, Barbarini's Tambourine    Natick
2007, April 22    Fenterlarick, The Introduction, Yellow Stockings    Mansfield
2008, April 27    Felicity, Apley House, The Boatman    Mansfield
2009, April 26    Sun Assembly, Turning by Threes, Mayfair    Mansfield
2010, April 25    The Night Cap, Astoria Lass, Kelsterne Gardens    Mansfield
2011, April 17    Footprints in the Sand, A Trip to Tunbridge, A Trip to Amsterdam    Mansfield
2012, April 22    Foxfire, Mr. Lane's Magot, Orleans Baffled    Mansfield
2013, April 21    Gigue for Genny, Autumn in Amherst, Hambleton's Round O    Mansfield
2014, April 27    Take a Dance, The Introduction, Fenterlarick    Mansfield
2015, April 26    Ashford Anniversary, Honeysuckle Cottage, King of Poland    Mansfield
2016, April 17    Noisette, Newcastle, Ramblin' Rosie    Mansfield
2017, April 23    A Trip to Orpington, Another Nancy's Fancy, Thames Valley Diamond, Monica's Delight    Mansfield
2018, April 22    Apley House, The Merry Salopians, Cadgers' Caper    Mansfield
2019, April 14    Sapphire Sea, The Corporation, Far Away    Mansfield
2020    (NEFFA cancelled due to COVID-19 virus)   
* = Morris dance

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