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December 10, 2021
Teacher: Tom Roby
Music: Jean Monroe, Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner
Take a Dance
The Farmer's Joy
Easter Morn
Elephant Stairs
Trip to Tunbridge
Trip to Provence
Kendall House
Scotch Cap
Key to the Cellar
March 11, 2022
Teacher: Tom Roby
Music: Jean Monroe, Vince O'Donnell
Corelli's Maggot
The Humours of Dublin
Sunlight through Draperies
Captain's Maggot
New Long Room at Scarborough
Lilli Burlero
Peace be With You
Freeford Gardens
Old Wife Behind the Fire
March 25, 2022
Teacher: Barbara Finney
Music: Alex Cumming, Yaron Shragai
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Mile of Smiles
Alex and Charles
Maiden Lane
Jack's Maggot
Juice of Barley
Leah's Waltz
Mount Hills
Yellow Stockings
April 8, 2022
Teacher: JJ Jones
Music: Ken Allen, Cecile Leroy, Clara Stefanov-Wagner
Christ Church Bells
Knole Park
I Care Not For These Ladies
Haste to the Wedding
Hole in the Wall
Upon a Summer's Day
The Dancing Wife
A Trip to Town-O