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September 13, 2019
Teacher: Leslie Lassetter
Music: Carol Bittenson, Alex Cumming, and Robert Penny
Zephyrs and Flora
Orleans Baffled
Rafe's Waltz
True Felicity
From Among Dragons
September 27, 2019
Teacher: Christine Robb
Music: Vince O'Donnell, Barbara Pixton, Yaron Shragai
As Quick as You Please
Kettleby's Whim
The Queen's Birthday
New Long Room at Scarborough
Rafe's Waltz
The Round
Doctor Bending's Serpent
A Trip to Town-O
October 11, 2019
Teacher: Barbara Finney
Music: Julia Hartman, Jean Monroe
Freeford Gardens
Take a Dance
Kneeland Romp
Rafe's Waltz
Willy Nilly
Well Hall
Chelmsford Assembly
Easter Morn
Yellow Stockings
October 25, 2019
Teacher: Orly Krasner
Music: Jonathan Gilbert, Bruce Randall, Brian Wilson
Knole Park
Eastbourne Rover
Hole in the Wall
Astonished Archaeologist
Rafe's Waltz
Spanish Jigg
Chocolate Round O
A Young Virgin of 15 Years
November 8, 2019
Teacher: Tom Roby
Music: Kateri Chambers, Elizabeth Hardy, Joe Salazar Fonseca, Alastair Thompson
La Boulangere
Midnight Ramble
Bishop [reconstruction]
The Cotery
Pleasures of the Town
The Comical Fellow
Ramsgate Assembly - Preston, 1795
November 22, 2019
Teacher: Leslie Lassetter
Music: Ron Dann, Barb Levine, Jean Monroe
Black Joke
Barbara's Maggot
Heys to music of Hambleton's Round O
For Victor
Circle half/turn single to music of Hambleton's Round O
Star of the East
Hambleton's Round O
From Among Dragons
November 29, 2019
Teacher: Christine Robb
Music: Jean Monroe, Bruce Randall, Ishmael Stefanov
St. Albans
Mr Cosgill's Delight
Black Nag
Key to the Cellar
Yellow Stockings
Hambleton's Round O
Shawberry Delight
The Flight of Bonnie Charlie
December 13, 2019
Teacher: Sue Rosen
Music: Bruce Rosen, Nora Smith
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Rakes of Rochester
Barnestorming (B.Rosen)
Juice of Barley
Indian Princess
Barnacle Waltz (D.Smukler) triple minor version
Hambleton's Round O
Monterey Ploughman (S.Kevra)
Lass of Richmond Hill
January 10, 2020
Teacher: Barbara Finney
Music: Cecile Leroy, Barbara Pixton, Elaine Winic
Take A Dance
Alex and Charles
Knole Park
Chelmsford Assembly
The Collier's Daughter
Easter Morn
Round About Our Coal Fire
Kneeland Romp
The Minor Spaniard