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DoM = Dance of the Month
September 14, 2022
Dance Leaders: Rich Jackson, Barbara Finney, Tom Roby
Opening party with music by Dave Langford and Jacqueline Schwab
Knives and Forks - The Playford Assembly
Take a Dance - Wrights' Humours 1
Candles in the Dark - Dancing Across the Atlantic
The Humours of Dublin - Neal
Jack's Maggot - The Playford Ball
Kneeland Romp - Calculated Figures
The Collier's Daughter - The Playford Assembly
Honeysuckle Cottage - A Finite Set of Calculated Figures
Queen's Jigg - The Playford Ball (T. Roby variation)
Elizabeth - DWAD4
The Waters of Holland - New Wine in Old Bottles
Play's the Thing - Impropriety II
Saint Margaret's Hill - The Playford Ball
Good Man of Cambridge - Additional Calculated Figures
September 21, 2022
Dance Leaders: Barbara Finney, Tom Roby
Music: Karen Burciaga, Dan Meyers, Emily O'Brien
Knole Park - The Playford Ball
Ore Boggy - Neal, or The Playford Assembly
The Physical Snob - The Playford Assembly
Indian Queen - The Playford Ball
To Dance Divine - Impropriety IV
Chelmsford Assembly - The Playford Ball
Rafe's Waltz - CDSS News 132: Sep/Nov 1996, or
New Long Room at Scarborough - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
Bonny Cuckoo - The Blind Harper Dances
Sadler's Wells - Playford Assembly
Elephants Stairs - Elephants Stairs
Chocolate Equation - Impropriety III
Portsmouth - reconstruction by Pat Shaw
Mrs. Hill's Dance - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
Emperor of the Moon - Emperor of the Moon