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2022 Special Concord Scout House Weekend Series
March 6, 2022
Dance Leaders: Barbara Finney, Rich Jackson, Tom Roby
Music: Kate Barnes, Mary Lea, and Jacqueline Schwab
The Ragg
Faithless Nancy Dawson
Turning by Threes
Kneeland Romp
Key to the Cellar
Well Hall
Jack's Health
Knives and Forks
A Trip to Tunbridge
Bar a Bar
Fair & Softly
Bloomsberry Market
An Early Frost
Flora and Phaon
Sapphire Sea
April 9, 2022
Dance Leaders: Rich Jackson, Tom Roby, Barbara Finney
Music: Kate Barnes, Mary Lea, and Jacqueline Schwab
Mount Hills
The Bishop
Trip to Provence
Young Widow
The Bonny Cuckoo
Easter Morn
Pluck Me a Fig
Dusty Miller
The Ragg
Kelsterne Gardens
Hazelfern Place
St. Margaret's Hill
Leather Lake House
June 5, 2022
Dance Leaders: Tom Roby, Barbara Finney
Music: Kate Barnes, lydia ievins, and Mary Lea
The Farmer's Joy
The Bashful Swain
The Beggar Boy
The Eclipse
A Trip to Kilburn
Sally in Our Alley
Charlene's Celebration
Mad Robin
Pat's Tradition
Round About Our Coal Fire
To Dance Divine
Wooing Mairi
Beach Spring
Dublin Bay
June 26, 2022
Dance Leaders: Barbara Finney, Rich Jackson
Music: Kate Barnes, Catherine Miller, and Jacqueline Schwab
Take a Dance
Juice of Barley
Alex and Charles
Midwinter Maggot
Village Brawl
Lover's Knot
Orleans Baffled
Corelli's Maggot
Love and a Bottle
Orange Nan
Apley House
Winter Waltz
Red House
Jack's Health


2022 Wednesday Summer Series
July 13, 2022
Orly Krasner with lydia ievins and Jean Monroe
Freeford Gardens (David & Kathryn Wright)
The Old Hob
Saint Margaret's Hill
Sun Assembly
Supporting Friends (Toos Heesakkers)
Turning by Threes (Gary Roodman)
Sunflowers (Orly Krasner)
Mount Hills
Sapphire Sea (Christine Robb)
Jack's Health
Bonny Cuckoo (Gail Ticknor)
Sackett's Harbor
Trip to Tunbridge
6 for the Six Proud Walkers (Fried Herman)
Middlemarch (Orly Krasner)
Lilli Burlero
July 20, 2022
Brad Foster with Karen Axelrod, Julie Metcalf, and Sarah-Hadley Yakir
The Bashful Swain (rec. D&H Kennedy)
Hit or Miss (rec. Christine Helwig)
Summersweet (Gary Roodman)
A Moveable Feast (Susan Kevra)
Woodstock Park (rec. Andrew Shaw)
Rebecka Ridinghood (rec. Andrew Shaw)
Rise and Fall (Gary Roodman)
Alice (Philippe Callens)
Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration (Joseph Pimentel)
The Astonished Archaelogist (Philippe Callens)
Bel Canto (Susan Kevra)
Handle with Care (Gary Roodman)
Sally in Our Ally (rec. Jacqueline Schwab)
Dublin Bay (rec. Bernard Bentley)
Knives and Forkes (rec. Fogg & Jackson)
July 27, 2022
Barbara Finney with Dave Langford, Cecile Leroy, and Jean Monroe
The Minor Spaniard (Jenny Beer)
Sunlight Through Draperies (Tom Roby)
Scotch Cap
Night Watch (Rich Jackson)
Village Brawl (Gary Roodman)
Queen's Jig
A Trip to Orpington (Pat Shaw)
Round About Our Coal Fire (rec. Jacqueline Schwab)
The Dancing Wife (Gary Roodman)
Sleeping in the Attic (Philippe Callens)
Kelsterne Gardens
To Dance Divine (Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly)
Red and All Red (rec. Charles Bolton)
Orleans Baffled
August 3, 2022
Sue Rosen with Emily O'Brien and Jacqueline Schwab
Knole Park
Mendocino Redwood
Hole in the Wall
Rakes of Rochester
Moonflower (Susan Kevra)
Eastbourne Rover (Kevin Prigmore)
The Bishop
Elizabeth (Colin Hume)
Jack's Maggot
Mile of Smiles (Joseph Pimentel)
Key to the Cellar (Jenny Beer)
Sweet Potato Pie (Sharon McKinley)
Alice (Philippe Callens)
August 10, 2022
Luanne Stiles with Dave Langford and Jacqueline Schwab
The Ragg
Tunbridge Beauties
Double Jubilee
The Prince of Westborough
Gene's Gambol
Scotch on the Rocks
Pluck Me a Fig
Highland Farewell
The Play's the Thing
Alex and Charles
The Saturday Triad
Mr. Isaac's Maggot
A New Leaf
August 17, 2022
Rich Jackson with Cecile Leroy, Jean Monroe, and Yaron Shragai
Mulberry Garden - Sharp
The Pursuit - Road to Ruin
Impropriety - Impropriety 1
The Bonny Cuckoo - Gail Ticknor
Blythe Company - Impropriety V
Harlequin in the Mud - Elephant Stairs
Well Hall - Playford Ball
The Longest Night - Impropriety V
Trip To Tunbridge - Playford Ball
Honeysuckle Cottage - Finite Set of Calculated Figures
The Potter's Wheel - Impropriety III
Hambleton's Round O - Fallibroome
August 24, 2022
Brad Sayler with Karen Axelrod, Anna Patton, and Sarah-Hadley Yakir
Apley House
Mad Robin
Scotch Cap
Sunlight Through Draperies
Morecambe Bay
Red House
Salt of the Earth
Female Saylor
Lilli Burlero
Prince of Westborough
Waters of Holland
Movement Afoot
Slaughter House
Smithy Hill
Dublin Bay