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DoM = Dance of the Month
September 4, 2019
Dance Leaders: Barbara Finney, Linda Nelson, Tom Roby, Christine Robb, Rich Jackson
Opening party with music by Emily O'Brien and Jacqueline Schwab
Mile of Smiles - The Goldcrest Collection
The Gypsy Round - Ease and Elegance
Bonnets So Blue - Community Dances Manual
Autumn Gifts - Impropriety V
Bloomsberry Market - The Playford Assembly
Elverton Grove - The Playford Assembly
Joint Effort - Impropriety II
Creampot - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
Alterations - The Playford Assembly
Midwinter Maggot - A Group of Calculated Figures
Shawberry Delight - by Christine Robb
Blythe Company - Impropriety V

Revelations - by Jenna Simpson
The Potter's Wheel - Impropriety III
September 11, 2019
Dance Leaders: Christine Robb, Linda Nelson
Music: Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, and Jacqueline Schwab
The New Long Room at Scarborough - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
Mulberry Garden - The Playford Assembly
The Merry Andrew - Maggot Pie
The Great Turk - Another Look at Playford
Bristol Cross - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
Hit or Misse - reconstruction by A. Shaw (modified)
Michedonia - by Dan Blim
Honeysuckle Cottage - A Finite Set of Calculated Figures
Bury Fair - The Playford Assembly
Mr Isaac's Maggot - The Playford Ball
Bluebonnets - The Goldcrest Collection
Hackney Minuet - reconstruction by Andrew Shaw
The Collier's Daughter - The Playford Assembly
The Flying Sorceress - by Kalia Kliban
Smithy Hill - Hunter's Moon
September 18, 2019
Dance Leaders: Linda Nelson
Music: Dave Langford and Jacqueline Schwab
Faithless Nancy Dawson - Everyday Dances
Irish Lamentation - The Playford Assembly
Eastbourne Rover - by Kevin Prigmore
The Dressed Ship - The Playford Ball
The Fuerst Maggot - by Don Theyken
Leaving of Liverpool - Ring O'Bells Barn Dance
Wa' Is Me, What Mun I Do - The Playford Assembly
Morecambe Bay - Pat Shaw 2
Swab the Decks -
Mill Hill - by Nigel Barrell
Rock the Boat - Impropriety III
Evans's Delight - The She Favourite
Heyloft - by Alan Winston
Ebb and Flow - by Robin Burke
The King's Penny - Maggot Pie
Sapphire Sea - by Christine Robb