Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 7PM – Online event

Dear CDS member,

It’s time for the annual Country Dance Society, Boston Centre election of officers and directors as required by the bylaws. Below is the 2021 slate of positions to be filled and proposed bylaw changes. We present to you an uncontested ballot. Ballots have been sent to members via email (March 26, 2021) or mailed via USPS to those who have expressed a preference and to those family members who do not have their own individual email address. Please fill in your ballot no later than April 19. 

Our Annual General Meeting would normally have been held prior to an ECD Wednesday night dance in mid-April.  With the ongoing pandemic, the AGM is going on-line this year and will be held Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 7PM.  We will share the Zoom link as soon as that information is ready.

If you have any questions, please contact Clara J Stefanov-Wagner at president [at] cds-boston [dot] org or Terry Huffaker at membership [at] cds-boston [dot] org

Continuing on the Board:
As President: Clara Stefanov-Wagner (term #2) 2021-2023 – begins her second term as was approved at last year’s election.
As Directors: Jean Monroe (term #3), Lise Foss (term #2) and Naomi Dworkin (term #1) will complete their terms in 2022.

Candidate Statements

Tom Roby (nominated for Clerk)
Since I first started attending Boston Centre dances in 1985, this fabulous dance community has been an ongoing source of joy and connection. As a CDS-BC board member for the past five years, clerk for the past two, and dance teacher for the past four, I hope in some small ways to give back to this community. Its importance has only become clearer during the physical distancing necessitated by the current pandemic.

David Kranz (nominated for Director)
I have been a regular contra dancer since 1982. Though I can no longer dance 12 hours straight at a Dawn Dance, I still very much enjoy it. I was not much of an English dancer for most of that time, mostly joining in some beginner sessions at NEFFA. After doing more English dance at Pinewoods in recent years, and discovering that the weekly Wednesday dance was almost in walking distance, I have become a regular. I have enjoyed serving on the board the past two years as it allows me to give something back to the community. I hope to continue promoting and helping out with our activities, as well as contributing to the work of making sure that we meet our obligations as an organization.

Carole Talley (nominated for Director)
I look forward to a second term on the board. Keeping connected during the pandemic has been a challenge. But we’ve had many memorable moments especially those events involving our musicians and callers. Take heart. Think how our dance nourishes us. An elegant turn single is in our near future.

Alex Daum (nominated for Director)
For over 15 years the New England dance scene has been a place where I make friends, find belonging, practice self-care, enjoy live music, express myself and have so much fun! The Boston English dance scene has specifically been a place where I feel at home with the community, leadership, and musical landscape. I will bring my attention to detail, thoughtful communication style, organizational skills, and creativity to a position on the board. I am interested in supporting the growth and evolution of the dance scene and will look forward to contributing in all the ways I can.

Proposed amendments to the bylaws
March 2021

Insertions marked by underlining.
Deletions marked by strikethrough.

5.3 Meetings.

        The Board shall meet at least four times a year. The president may call additional meetings and shall call a special meeting at the written request of at least four Board members. The Board may conduct meetings and make decisions by conference call or other media.  Meetings of the Board are open to any CDS-BC member and to any other person invited by the president or by two Board members.

Rationale: To explicitly allow meetings by Zoom, etc. Language taken from section 6.3 for the Executive Committee.

7.4 English Dance Committee.

        It The English Dance Committee shall be responsible for the planning and oversight of the English Dance dance activities, including regular and special events.

Rationale: Editorial correction to amendment made in 2020.

    7.5 New England Dance Committee.

        It The New England Dance Committee shall be responsible for the planning and oversight of the New England dance activities, including regular and special events.

Rationale: Editorial correction to amendment made in 2020.

The current bylaws.