Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 7PM – Concord Scout House

Please come to the Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre, Inc,.
Starting at 7PM, before the Wednesday English Dance
Dance admission is free to all who attend the Annual Meeting.
(Doors open at 6:45 pm.)
Concord Scout House
Concord, Massachusetts

Watch for your ballot in the mail and please vote for officers and directors. Ballots can be brought to the meeting, mailed in, or dropped off at the Wednesday dance. Ballots may be postmarked until April 17th. Preliminary results will be announced at the meeting and final results will be recorded for the official record and announced via email to the membership.

The Board of Directors of the Country Dance Society-Boston Centre proposes changes on an as-needed basis to the By Laws governing the organization. We are proposing amendments to (1) clarify some ambiguous terms, (2) establish a working number of Directors on the Board, (3) update our rules of procedure to a current document, and (4) release the organization from hurried and expensive procedures for a By Law change proposed by petition.

Candidate Statements & By-law amendments

Current bylaws