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Officers & Directors
President Ruth Reiner
President Elect (next occupied in 2018)
Past President Judy Erickson
Vice President Hal Wagner
Clerk Deborah Kruskal
Treasurer John Hostage
Directors Lise Foss, Sarah Gerbick, Diane Gonzales, Jean Monroe, Tom Roby, Clara Stefanov-Wagner

Other Posts

Membership Secretary Terry Huffaker
Newsletter Editor Lynne Fountain
Mailing Chair Art Anger
Pinewoods Camp Representative Eileen Callahan
Web Site Editors General site : Christine Robb
CDS Boston English Country Dance Collection recordings : Dan Pearl


Endowments, Grants &
Scholarships Committee
Vice President (ex officio, chair), Treasurer (ex officio), Erika Roderick, Robin Rogers-Browne (advisor)
Executive Committee President, Treasurer, Vice President, Clerk, and either the President Elect or the Past President depending on which office is currently filled (all ex-officio)
Finance Committee President (ex officio), Treasurer (ex officio, chair)
English Dance Committee
(and Playford Ball)
Christine Robb (chair), Barbara Finney (artistic advisor), Lise Foss, Corinne Holroyd, Deb Karl, Lynn Milich, Ken Prince, Hal Wagner
New England Dance
currently inactive (no members)
Nominating Committee Judy Erickson, Diane Gonzales (Board appointed), and two vacant positions
Operations Committee
(including insurance, publications, royalties)
President (ex officio, chair), Clerk (ex officio), Mies Boet (insurance issues)
Ritual Dance Committee Judy Erickson

Special Events

English-Scottish-Contra Dan Blim, Katarina Dutton, Meghan Murray
July 4th Weekend Aiden Carey, Peter Kruskal
Labor Day Weekend Elizabeth MacLachlan, Marcie van Cleave
Swing Into Summer Alex Ellis, Eleanor Lincoln, Allison Shapp, Ben Williams
The President is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. For more contact information, please also see the Contact page.