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As of July 2015

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      President Judy Erickson < president >
      President Elect Ruth Reiner
      Past President (next occupied in 2017)
      Vice President Diane Gonzales < vp >
      Clerk Deborah Kruskal < clerk >
      Treasurer Ruth Reiner < treasurer >
      Directors   Mies Boet, Florentina Corbescu, John Hostage, Miriam Newman, Robin Rogers-Browne (appointed), Hal Wagner, Mark Ward
Other Posts
      Officer Manager   Terry Huffaker < office >
      Membership Secretary   Terry Huffaker < membership >
      Newsletter Editor   Cortni Frecha < editor >
      Mailing Chair   Art Anger
      Pinewoods Camp
  Mark Ward
      Web Site Editors  
American pages : Cortni Frecha, Mark Jones < nedc >
CDS Boston English Country Dance Collection recordings : Dan Pearl < ecdc-recordings >  
General site, English pages, Special Events, and Camps : Christine Robb < webmaster >
      Development Committee   President (ex officio), Florentina Corbescu, Liz Reisberg < development >
      Endowments, Grants &
      Scholarships Committee
  Vice President (ex officio, chair), Treasurer (ex officio), Jacqueline Barnard, Erika Roderick, Robin Rogers-Browne (advisor), Hal Wagner < grants >
      Executive Committee   President, Treasurer, Vice President, Clerk, and either the President Elect or the Past President depending on which office is currently filled (all ex-officio); Miriam Newman, Hal Wagner
      Finance Committee   President (ex officio), Treasurer (ex officio, chair), Deb Karl (advisor), Thom Yarnal (advisor) < finance >
      English Dance Committee
      (and Playford Ball)
  Roger Cleghorn (co-chair), Christine Robb (co-chair), Barbara Finney (artistic advisor), Julian Cole, Lise Foss, Deb Karl, John Lam, Lynn Milich, Hal Wagner < edc >
      New England Dance
  currently inactive (no members) < nedc >
      Nominating Committee   Mitch Diamond, Judy Erickson, Diane Gonzales (Board appointed), and two vacant positions < nominations >
      Operations Committee
      (including insurance, publications, royalties)
  President (ex officio, chair), Clerk (ex officio), Mies Boet (insurance issues) < ops >
      Ritual Dance Committee   Judy Erickson, Margaret Keller < ritual >
Special Events
      English-Scottish-Contra   Dan Blim, Kat Dutton, Meghan Murray < esc >
      Swing Into Summer   Alex Krogh-Grabbe, Max Newman, Allison Shapp < swingintosummer >
      July 4th Weekend   Rich Jackson, Erika Roderick < july4 >
      Labor Day Weekend   Elizabeth MacLachlan, Sarah Pilzer < laborday >

The President is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

For more contact information, please also see the Contact Information page.

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